Top 10 Best iPhone and Android Apps For Kids

There are many apps out there. iTunes has a vast library of games, movies, music and so much more.

Chapter 1

Apps for Kids

I have found that my iStuff is not only entertaining for me, but my kids as well. Whether we are in the car on a road trip or just waiting in line at the grocery store my iPhone helps ease the waiting time. As a parent I do want to make sure that the game or app that my kids are playing has some sort of educational value to it. The following three apps meet that requirement.

The first app is called the Magic Marker app. This lets your little artist have fun on the iPhone or iPad review app android while not needing markers or paper. Your child can make their own masterpiece right there on your phone or tablet and you can save, email, or tweet the image that your own Picasso created. There are about 250 brush themes, 135 backgrounds and all you need to do is shake your phone or tablet to erase the image and start with a blank slate. You can also add photos from your device to create a unique picture. This Magic Marker app is fun and not only will your kids enjoy it, but you will catch yourself playing with this app as well.

The next two apps are dealing with puzzles. Ever since my oldest, who is now four, starting going to preschool I saw her become interested in puzzles. Puzzles are a great way to stimulate your child’s brain and imagination. I have seen her problem solving skills increase as a result of her playing with puzzles. So needless to say I was happy to get these two apps for my kids. The first one is called Wood Puzzle. This app is great for my youngest who is 19 months old. Wood Puzzle has puzzles in the shapes of animals, food, musical instruments, and much more. It helps your child in the development of motor skills and has fun music to coincide with each puzzle.

One of the puzzles is a xylophone and once the puzzle is completed you can play on the xylophone to make music.

The next puzzle app is called Emma in Africa. This app combines puzzles with a short story of girl Emma in Africa. The app is available in English or Spanish, 10 classic puzzle games, and pictures of animals with educational fact on those animals. Throughout the app Emma shares her experience with you as you travel with her. To me this is like a story book that comes to life. Both my daughters love playing with this app with me.

So the next time your are on iTunes or the app store looking for something good for kids for ages 2 through 6, make sure you look at the three apps I just mentioned.


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