Endless Love

This is originally fictional

Friends can join me if interested but if you're rude you will be deleted

Angela's rules apply, if you break one .... you will be taken out of the story, If you continuously break the rules for no reason you will be deleted off this account that goes for all stories I ever post on this account

Thank you for your time


Chapter 1

Proper Introduction

It's a love story that starts in high school based around our group of quibblo friends 

There will be 4 books for the original series -each book will be a year of high school 

For each book a new group of friends will be added 

Book 1: Freshman year - Quibblo Friends based; this will be to establish the story, define the characters and lay out the couples/friendship and cliques if any

Book 2: Sophomore year - new year brings new friends (Vampire Diaries connects us as a group so I might add characters from the series or the celebrities who play them but I haven't decided yet)

Book 3: Junior year: pll characters will be thrown into the story because a lot of people from our group likes the show

Book 4: Senior year - getting ready for college, prom, graduation and new students transfer in (I haven't decided if i'll add the originals or teen wolf just yet but I have plenty of time to finalize my decision)

If all goes well we can start a second series taking us to college where one tree hill characters, Charmed characters, etc can be thrown in.

The reason I posted this draft before hand is because if I'm the only one who likes this idea I won't post the story .... I don’t want to post stories on this account that sound good but end up going no where so they get deleted

If you like my idea, let me know and if most of us are willing to try it then I'll post the group story, if not i'll think of something else for us to write


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