We Belong Together (Character Sheet)

We Belong Together (Character Sheet)

Home and Away meets Jungle Fury

This is originally fictional, it will not follow either series (it just kinda exists because I love both shows so much)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury is still on Netflix and you can find clips of Home and Away on YouTube if you want to check them out

Friends can join me if interested but if you're rude you will be deleted

Thank you so much for your time


Chapter 1

My Character

my favorite girl on Home and Away was Tasha played by Isabel Lucas

yes Jason Smith plays both Robbie and Casey but I can't write a 'love story' without a love interest .... I would never dream of splitting up Robbie and Tash as they were my favorite couple on Home and Away. Plus Casey was 18 and single, so there is an upside.

Nathaniel Buzolic was on Home and Away in 2002 and played Paul Chalmers but as he left the show or died before Isobel and Jason came in (in 03), I never knew his character thus the reason I can't add him to the story no matter how much I love the actor.


Name: Alexandra Andrews

Other names: Alexa Russell (Alias).

Nickname(s): Alexa or Alex

Petname(s): Lexa or My Swan

Home: Boston

Friends: Co writers (if any)

Home and Away - Robbie (Best Friend), Tasha, Kit, Scott, Kim, Martha, Jack and Hayley

Jungle Fury - Casey (Eventual Best friend), Lily, Theo, RJ, Flit, Fran, Dominic, Camille, Jarrod and Luen (Theo's cooler twin)

Love Interest: Casey Rhodes

Family: Ian Osbourne (Father)

Angie Russell (Mother)

Mike Andrews (Adoptive Father)

Jenny Andrews (Adoptive Mother)

Dylan Russell (Older Half-brother)

Tasha Hunter nee Andrews (Older Sister)

Robbie Hunter (Brother In Law since 2006)

Ella Hunter (Niece via Tasha)

Monica Markham (Grandmother)

Josie Russell (Other relative)

Occupation: Student/Waitress

Animal Spirit: Swan

Extra: She'll call Casey her Tiger

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