We Belong Together

We Belong Together

Home and Away meets Jungle Fury

Chapter 1


I arrived in Boston wanting to visit Robbie, Tash and Ella as well as see America

"There she is" Robbie said as he and Tasha turned a corner as I walked out of baggage claim

"Here I am" I said causing Robbie to smile with a small chuckle and Tasha to pull me into a hug

I dropped my bag before hugging my older sister back

"My turn" Robbie said

I nodded, pulled out of the hug with Tasha then walked over and allowed my best friend to pull me into his arms, I hugged him and smiled as he hugged me back.

"Where's Ella?" I asked looking around after Robbie and I pulled back from our hug now as well

"She's at school but she made me promise we'd take her and her aunt out for pizza for dinner" Tasha said

I nodded my understandIng and acceptance before grabbing my shoulder bag then following Robbie who had grabbed my suitcase towards the exit, Tasha not far behind us

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