Tyler Lockwood

Character Info for Tyler Lockwood.

Chapter 1

Ty Lockwood

Birth Name: Tyler Anthony Lockwood Tyler doesn't actually have a middle name, I improvised

Chosen Name: Tyler Lockwood

Nickname: Ty, Wolf Boy, Lockwolf (Hayley and Damon), Little Orphan Lockwood, My First Hybrid, Poor Lad, Disappointment (All by Klaus), Tween Wolf (Damon) and Kid (Marcel)

Petname: Babe

Alias: Mason Smallwood

Species: Werewolf

Gender: Male 

Age: 27

Birthday: February 10th, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Status: Alive 

Faceclaim: Michael Trevino 

Appearance: Short black hair, dark brown eyes, 5'9. Wears leather jackets, dark jeans and t-shirts.

Personality: He has since calmed down after being aggressive and arrogant. He's still partially arrogant, but is more attentive, kind, and better at keeping calm. He has his moments of stubbornness and meanness. He is fiercely protective over his loved ones. At one point, he was suicidal, but came out of it.

Village Girl or Island Girl: Both, but more on the village side.

Heaven Or Hell: Peace.

Birthplace: Mystic Falls, Virginia

Current Residence: New York

Relationship Status: Married (Or dating, depending on the story)

Female Best Friends: Danielle Lockwood, Daniella Lockwood, Cheyenne Fairchild and Chastity Avery

Male Best Friends: Lucas Gilbert, Matthew Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert and Anthony Lockwood Tyler Cramer

Female Close Friends: Layla BIshop, Caroline Forbes, Melissa Cooper, Bonnie Bennett, Elena Gilbert, Hayden Gilbert and Marie Gilbert

Male Close Friends: Daniel Bennett, Alistair Mikaelson, Kaleb Westphall, Gabriel Salvatore and Kaspian Strange

Female Other Friends: Alena Morrigan, Angela Mikaelson, Wesley Mikaelson, Zahra Mikaelson, April Young, Davina Claire Danielle Campbell and Michael Trevino are friends and I think it'd be nice, Valentina Forbes, Avery Salvatore, Allison Salvatore and Skye Whitmore Sorry if I forgot anyone, comment and I'll add you if you consider him a friend

Male Other Friends: Ryan Mikaelson, Casey Gilbert, Nathaniel Mikaelson, Marcel Gerard, Carter Cooper, Alaric Saltzman, Damien Branson and James Michaelson

Frenemies: Daisy Forbes Mikaelson, Barbara De Martel, Stefan Salvatore (for Danny) and Jackson Kenner

Female Enemies: Sybil, Seline, Hayley Marshall, Rebekah Mikaelson, Katherine Pierce and Nadia Pierce

Male Enemies: Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Silas

Title: Mr Lockwood

Reputation: Klaus' First Hybrid 

Eternal Twin Flame: Layla Bishop

Love Interest: Mel Lahiri it's just a roleplay account and mine at that so I can join any story as Tyler and I don't see a reason why I can't help Mellie write stories separate from our series

Lover: Melissa Cooper

Crush: Caroline Forbes

Rival: Klaus Mikaelson and Matt Donovan (for Caroline)

Closest To: His family and best/close friends

Soulmate: Lucas Gilbert

Partner In Life: Chastity Avery

Shoulder To Lean On: Cheyenne Fairchild

Voice Of Reason: Matt Donovan

Other Half: Danielle Lockwood

Second In Command: Anthony Lockwood

Partner In Crime: Daniella Lockwood

Good Influence: Davina Claire

Bad Influence: Jeremy Gilbert Used to do drugs after all

Family: Richard Lockwood (Father), Carol Lockwood (Mother), Mason Lockwood (Uncle), Danielle Lockwood (Twin Sister), Anthony and Daniella Lockwood (Paternal Cousins), Layla Bishop Lockwood (Wife), Charles Mason Lockwood (Oldest Son), Lillian "Lily" Lockwood (Oldest Daughter), Angela Lockwood (Middle Daughter), Jay Lockwood (Middle Son), Luke and Brianne Lockwood (Second Youngest Children) and Jordan Lockwood (Youngest Daughter)

Future Family: His Children's Grandchildren 

Abilities: All those of a regular werewolf.

Greatest Fear: Ending up like his father

Secret: Resurrected by the Westphall Siblings Alena and Kaleb

Occupation: Retired Hunter (Doesn't want to be away from his kids anymore), High School Coach

Extra: None


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