Spirits Of The Wolf

Spirits Of The Wolf

When life suddenly changes for Raven she needs to learn a lot of stuff about her kind. She finds new friends to help her along the way to help her learn about herself. As she grows she meets her mate and has a whole new life.

(This is my first story so if you don't like it just don't say anything bad. Keep it to yourself and please let me know if you did like it so i can keep going)

Chapter 1

Real Werewolves

Yes, they exist. How do i know? Well, maybe because i am one. This is basically my story just a different name for the character. Anyways, just wanted to give a little info about us werewolves. We do NOT turn into half-wolf half-man. We are just normal wolves a little bigger than average. All werewolves have an inner wolf and a mate. Without out these we feel sad and we aren't ourselves. We don't show ourselves to the humans because we can't.

We aren't dangerous unless you make us be. Our job is to protect humans like you from Satan. There are some wolves that were created by Satan though. There are some wolves that can perform magic and some can be hybrids.

As you can tell there are many interesting facts about werewolves. If you want more info from me let me know and i'll write a book with facts about them.

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