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Learn how to set up your brother printer for a WiFi network and get it back online with ease.

Chapter 1

How to Setup Your Brother Printer

by: jensyer

Printers are one of the most necessary electronic devices that everyone, from students to all businesses as well as the common folk, depend upon. Finding a printer that suits light usage at home or everyday heavy usage at offices might be difficult, as there are thousands of different varieties of printers out there. But, an efficient, as well as affordable option among all the printers out there, is surely a Brother Printer.


Whether you want a printer for your home or for your office, Brother Printers has a good range of printers to choose from. However, whichever Brother Printers you might purchase, it is important to know Brother printer wireless setup for easy access to the printer, whenever you need it. Before proceeding to connect your printer to a WiFi Network, you must know the name and key of your network. After getting a hold of that information, follow

these simple steps to easily connect your Brother Printer to your WiFi Network:


Step 1: Firstly, connect the power cord to your printer and then to an electrical outlet. Turn on your Brother printer.

Step 2: Click on the Menu button and then use the up and down arrow buttons to maneuver and click on the Network option by pressing the OK button.

Step 3: Select the WLAN Wizard option by clicking the arrow buttons and then the OK button again.

Step 4: After this, you need to choose Setup Wizard. Here, you will be shown a list of available Wireless networks within the susceptible range of the printer.

Step 5: Select your WiFi network to which you want your printer to connect and also, select the encryption type of the network. There will be a list of encryption types like WPA, WEP etc. and you need to choose the correct one.

Step 6: Finally, enter your password and your Brother Printer will be connected to your WiFi network.


These were the steps for conveniently executing a Brother printer wireless setup at home or at the office. You can use these steps to connect to your laptop or personal computer to print wirelessly and with ease.


How to get your Brother Printer come Online


One of the most commonly faced problems by users of brother printers is that it goes offline. Questions starting with "My brother printer is offline" has an increasing rate in support websites for Brother Printers. To combat this issue, here are a few steps that you can take yourself to get you Brother Printer back online:


1) Make sure that your printer is switched on and it is not in sleep mode. Check if there are any error messages like "Paper Jam" or "Ink/Toner Empty" on the LCD screen of your printer. If there are any error messages, solve the issue indicated first.


2) A reason why your printer might be shown as offline might be because it is not connected to the computer or laptop properly. If you are using a USB cable or an Ethernet cable, make sure that your Brother Printer is connected to the computer or the router/access point securely. If your printer is connected to a wireless connection, take a print out of the network configuration page and make sure it is of the right IP address.


3) If the issue still pertains, make sure your Brother Printer is set as the default printer of your computer. For Windows Operating System, go to the Control Panel and make sure that the concerned printer is your default printer. Go to the System Preferences for mac OS to to make sure that you are using the correct Printer Driver for the printer.

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