Some of the Common Substances used to Control Bumble Bees

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Chapter 1

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The substances commonly used to control bumble bees, honey bees, and carpenter bees are Drione Dusts and Crusader Duster. Others substances included are Cynoff WP and EcoPCO Jet.

Drione Dusts

Drione dusts come in a white powder form. They have a minimal odor and are light and powdery. Although the dust is considered safe for use around pets, speak with your veterinarian before using any chemicals around your animals. Drione targets many pests, including all types of bees and is highly effective in carpenter bee and bumble bee control because it acts like a smoke, enabling the penetration of hard to reach areas.

Crusader Duster

Crusader Duster, like Drione Dust, is designed to penetrate tight spaces and to more or less "fog" the colony of bees. Since it is difficult, however, to gauge the size of a nest of bees, it is not recommended that such measures be undertaken without proper protective clothing. Always be sure you can get under cover and away from the bees quickly if they swarm.

Cynoff WP

Cynoff WP is an insecticide in a loose power form. It is to be mixed with water to be used as a spot treatment to control bees and other insects.


Eco PCO Jet is an insecticide in aerosol form. It provides instant knockdown and death to bees, wasps, and other stinging insects from a distance of fifteen feet.

For carpenter bee control, treating the nest is an important move. Doing so can directly eradicate the bees inside. The best time to perform the extermination is during early evening, when most of the bees are in the nest.

Always Put Safety First

Always practice bee safety inside and outside your home. Watch for bees when you are outdoors. Never attempt to disturb a swarm or a colony of bees. Some bees do not sting unless they are threatened. Avoid swatting bees. Instead, brush them off. If you slap them you will make them angry. When a swarm of bees attacks you, cover your face and leave the area as quickly as possible.

These are good ways on how to get rid of bees including carpenter bee control. You can try "do it yourself" products and there are also some non-chemical bee control products on the market. But for a more professional job, call the Pest Control Sydney experts. There are many types of bees and you want to make sure you choose the appropriate control method for the species with which you are dealing.


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