Finding Our Own Way

TVD but not really because Sophie says we ignore the series to create our own, so this is originally fictional and anyone who wants to join us are welcome

Please be nice as this will be my 'first TVD story', i'm hoping it will be a muti book series

Thank you for your time


Quibblo Friends based so it's a bit different

if it sucks I'll delete this verison and return to the original

Chapter 1


Keith and I had met Sophia and Jake in college, during a winter break Sophia invited Jake, Keith and I home with her .... Keith and I have no family besides each other so we said yes and thankful a day or so before we left Jake agreed to come along as well

"Welcome to Mystic Falls" Sophia said as Jake drove over the Virginia boarderline a few days later

The plane ride from France to America was quiet, but the car ride from the airport to Mystic Falls was quieter than any of us would of liked

"Sophie" a brunette said after Jake pulled the car into the driveway of a manor house and the four of us climbed out

"Angel" Sophia said with a smile before the two shared a hug as a Blonde man stepped out onto the front steps

"Nate, look whose returned?" The brunette said turning to smile at the blonde as she and Sophia pulled out of the hug

"Hey Nathan" Sophia said

"Hey Sophie" the blonde said before he walked down the stairs and pulled Sophia into a hug as well

Sophia smiled before hugging him back

After the hug Sophia took one of the brunette's and one of the blande's hands in hers before turning her attention to the three of us

"Angel, Nathan .... this is my best friend Daniel, Daniel's brother Keith and my boyfriend Jake"

I know she had Brooke and Erin already I wasn't sure if she wanted me to put them in the story now or later

"Daniel, Jake and Keith; this is my older brother Nathaniel and my older sister Angela" Sophia said

"Hi, Jake Austin" Jake said moving forward

"It's a pleasure, Mr. Austin" Angela said

"Hey man" Nathaniel and Jake said together in a way that made me think they would end up being if not the best of friends then maybe at least the closest of friends

"Hi" Keith, Angela, Nathaniel and I said before Sophia lead the 5 of us into the house

"You have more siblings to meet" I said teasingly Jake a bit

Jake glared slightly at me and I know it's because he wishes I could be a little more reserved like Keith who happens to be his best friend.


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