My Character

Thought it was time to put it out there.

Chapter 1

Hayden Gilbert

Birth Name: Hayden Mia Gilbert

Chosen Name: Hayden Gilbert

Nickname(s): Mia (Elena and Jeremy), Hayd (Lucas), Haddie (Megara and Daniel Forbes), Gilbert Numero Uno (Danielle), Hay (Usually everyone else)

Petname: Baby

Alias: Mia Cates

Future Married Alias: Mia Whittemore Damon doesn't have an official alias, so I used what his last name almost was, which was Whittemore.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 25

Birthday: June 22nd 1992

Birthplace: Mystic Falls, Virginia

Current Residence: Mystic Falls, Virginia

Status: Alive

Martial Status: Single (Most stories people start out single)

Appearance: She is fraternal to Elena and Marie, meaning she is not identical to them despite being triplets. Hayden can be described as a tall, very slim, beautiful girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She's known for her more defined cheekbones and beauty.

Personality: Hayden is rebellious, caring not for the law, but for justice. She's a strong fighter who will put herself in danger to protect others, no matter the cost. Though stubborn, Hayden's vulnerable side kicks in often, and she tends to see the good in others, even when everyone else won't. It takes a lot to impress her, and she leads a rather independent life. That being said, she will always drop everything for a friend in need. She is mature and forgiving but can be neurotic at times. Although she forgives, it takes a lot for her to trust someone. She is both school and street smart, and because of it has become a very skilled hacker.

Village or Island Girl: Both

Heaven Or Hell: Heaven

Strength: Caring, Strong willed, Independent and sees the good in people

Weakness: Distrusting, Stubborn, Neurotic at times, doesn't trust easily.

Title: Miss Hayden Gilbert

Future Married Title: Mrs. Damon Salvatore

Reputation: Hacker Girl

Description: Gilbert Girl

Quibblo Friends: Alena, Alex, Alistair, Allison, Amy, Angel, Angela, Antoinette, Arabella, Artemis, Ashley, Avery, Barbara, Benjen, Carter, Chastity, Cheyenne, Christopher, Daisy, Damien, Dani, Daniel Forbes, Daniel Goran, Daniel Scott, Danielle, Dominic, Elena, Elizabeth, Ethan, Gabriel, Henry, Jacob, Jake, James, Justin, Kaspian, Katerina, Keith, Lacey, Layla, Levi, Liam, Lucas, Melissa, Michael, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Nichole, Olivia, Robert, Sophia, Stefan, Tiara, Tyler, Valentina, Valerie, Wesley, Zahra, Zander

Best Friends: Daniel Forbes and Megara Fell

Close Friends: Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler, Matt, Alaric, Damon, Meredith, and Finn

Other Friends: Jenna Sommers, Rebekah Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore, Alexia Branson, Lucas Parker, Josette Laughlin and Enzo St. John

Acquaintances: Ambrose, Cade, Seline, Sybil, Beau, Lily, Questiyah, Amara and Silas

Frenemies: Mason Lockwood, Klaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Mary Louise, Nora Hildegard, Valerie Tulle and Malcolm

Enemies: Katherine Pierce and Julian

Eternal Twin Flame/Love Interest: Damon Salvatore

Lover: Ben McKittrick

Baby Daddies: Damon Salvatore

Crush: Elijah Mikaelson Before he betrayed the Mystic Gang

Ex: Ben McKittrick (After he tried to take Elena and Bonnie)

Rival: Andie Star and Rose Marie (for Damon)

Family: Isobel Flemmings (Mother), John Gilbert (Biological Father/Adoptive Uncle), Alaric Saltzman (Stepfather), Grayson Gilbert (Paternal Uncle/Adoptive Father), Miranda Gilbert (Adoptive Mother), Jenna Sommers (Adoptive Aunt), Lucas Gilbert (Adoptive Oldest Brother/Paternal Cousin), Casey Gilbert (Adoptive Older Brother/Paternal Cousin), Elena and Marie Gilbert (Younger Fraternal Twin Sisters), Jeremy Gilbert (Adoptive Younger Brother/Paternal Cousin)

Honorary Family: Caroline, Bonnie, Tyler, Matt and Alaric

Future Family: Damon Salvatore (Husband), Grayson and Miranda Gilbert (Twin Children), Stephanie Salvatore (Stepdaughter via Delena)

Closest To: Daniel, Meg, Elena, Lucas, Jeremy and Meredith

Partner In Life: Megara Fell

Soulmate: Daniel Forbes

Shoulder To Lean On/Voice Of Reason: Elena Gilbert

Other Half: Meredith Fell

Partners In Crime: Lucas and Jeremy

Occupation: College Student (Part Time Hacker)

Diet: Human food

Side Of The War: Mystic Falls (Salvatore)

Mystic Falls or New Orleans: Mystic Falls

Loyalty: To her family and friends

Likes: Family, Hacking, Training, Shopping, Being Right, Music

Dislikes: Arrogant people, stuck up people, obsessive people, Katherine Pierce, people who refuse to reason, most people who tell her no

Interests: Making the world better in any small way she can, protecting her family, being loyal and staying in shape

Talent: Can hack almost any database

Greatest Fear: Her family dying

Deepest Desire: To protect her family

Secret: She once met Isobel without knowing who she was

Most Prized Possession: Necklace she got from Grayson Gilbert on her sixteenth birthday

Motto: "You either fight or you run."

Character Quote: "Get a life and leave my family alone."

Extra: The oldest of the Gilbert Triplets.


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