Is a Walnut Cutting Board a Good Buy for the Money?

Is a Walnut Cutting Board a Good Buy for the Money?

Chapter 1

Is a Walnut Cutting Board a Good Buy for the Money?

Wooden cutting boards are not cheap. It is more expensive compared to a plastic cutting board. However, it is much safer and lasts longer than a plastic cutting board does.

Another reason why most chefs and culinary enthusiast prefers wooden cutting boards is the functionality and aesthetics of this kitchen tool. The rustic appearance of this kitchen implement exudes elegance and classic beauty.

Take note that wooden cutting boards come from various type of wood. Some are made of maple whereas others are constructed using beech or oak. But one of the most popular options today is a walnut cutting board.

You’ll see high-quality walnut cutting boards at popular websites like the But for sure, you are wondering what makes a walnut cutting board unique compared to other types of this kitchen tool. To answer this, below are the reasons why you should consider selecting a walnut cutting board.

#1 Scratch-Resistant

Walnut cutting boards are scratch and mark resistant. It can withstand heavy cutting like carving meat unlike other types of cutting boards. You can use it on a daily basis without doing so much damage on its surface.

Cutting boards form this wood heals fast because of its porous surface. That is the reason why walnut shows no scratches or marks after cutting, dicing, or chopping food on the board.

#2 Longer Lifespan

This type of cutting board can last for several years if not a lifetime. However, you’ll have to observe proper care and maintenance to preserve its lifespan.

Wrong cleaning, washing, and sanitation methods can damage a walnut cutting board and reduce its lifespan as well. Thus, once you’ve got your walnut chopping board, immediately go to this helpful site to find out info on how to take care of this kitchen tool.

The long-lasting use of walnut cutting boards is one of the reasons why most people prefer this kitchen tool. It is indeed an excellent investment for your kitchen.

#3 Soft to the Knife

Although walnut is a tough and durable wood, it is soft to the knife’s edge. A knife smoothly cuts through the surface of a walnut cutting board, especially those with end-grain design. Hence, it can help you save money from buying knives every time it gets dull.

#4 Anti-bacterial Properties

Did you know that walnut has antibacterial properties?

Walnut has natural properties that prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from festering. But it does not mean you no longer have to wash and sanitize a walnut cutting board. You still have to do it to prevent food contamination and maintain the tool’s functionality.

#5 An Affordable Option

The top two options of wooden cutting boards are maple and walnut. They have similar aspects, however, maples wood are more expensive. Thus, if you are searching for an affordable alternative, the next best option is a walnut cutting board.

Is it worth your Money?

A walnut cutting board is indeed a good buy for the money. But remember to select the best walnut cutting board to assure a good investment. The Virginia Boys Kitchens is one of the leading sources of top-notch walnut cutting boards. You can go their website to see the details of their collections.


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