Nicholas Mikaelson

I don't know if this is for the fresh start or the regular series, I just wanted to do one because everyone else did

Chapter 1

Nicholas Nesterov

Birth Name: Nicholas James Nesterov Mikaelson

Chosen Name: Nicholas Mikaelson

Nickname(s): Nick (Mostly his close friends), Blondie (Alena), Bat Brat (Brothers and Benjen), Brother (His half siblings, occasionally as well as the heretics), Pup (Nate), Jamie (Wesley), Jay (Katherine and Valerie Tulle), and Nes (Valentina)

Petname: Handsome

Alias: James Nesterov

Gender: Male

Species: Original Vampire

Age: 20/1000+

Birthday: January 18th

Birthplace: Mystic Falls, Virginia 

Current Residence: Traveling

Vacation Home: New Orleans, Louisiana

Status: Alive

Martial Status: Dating

Appearance: 6"0', long but styled blonde hair, blue eyes, wears anything he deems comfortable but occasionally a suit if he has to

Personality: Nicholas considers himself to be a loyal, protective and fun guy. He believes loyalty is the most important thing, but does not mind being feared as well.

Village or Island Girl: Neither

Heaven Or Hell: Heaven

Strength: Once he loves someone he's extremely protective

Weakness: His family

Title: Sir Nicholas Mikaelson

Reputation: Guy Next Door

Description: Mikael's Son

Quibblo Friends: Alena, Alistair, Allison, Angel, Angela, Antoinette, Aphrodite, Arabella, Artemis, Ashley, Avery, Barbara, Benjen, Carter, Casey, Chastity, Cheyenne, Christopher, Daisy, Dani, Daniel (who looks like Lijah), Daniel (who looks like Aiden), Danielle, Elena, Elizabeth, Ethan, Gabriel, Henry, Hunter, Jacob, Jake, James, Jarrod, Justin, Katerina, Keith, Lacey, Lawrence, Liam, Lucas, Maya, Maxie, Melissa, Michael, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Nichole, Olivia, Robbie, Sean, Sierra, Simon, Sophia, Stefan,Tiara, Tyler, Valentina, Valerie, Wes, Wesley, Zahra and Zander

Best Friends: Katherine Pierce, Malachai Parker, Nora Hildegard and Mary Louise

Close Friends: Beau, Malcolm, Valerie Tulle, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Finn Mikaelson, Freya Mikaelson and Rebekah Mikaelson.

Other Friends: Davina Claire, Hayley Marshall, Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, Enzo St. John, Camille O'Connell, Marcel Gerard, Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert, Jenna Sommers, Meredith Fell and Liz Forbes. 

Enemies: Mikael, Julian (both the traveler who took over Tyler's body and Lily's Julian), Rayna, Tristan, Aurora, Lucien and Abby Bennett

Acquaintances: Aya and Sofya

Frenemies: Mason Lockwood and Cade

Enemies (People): Mikael, Dahlia, Sybil and Seline

Enemies (Species): All

Eternal Twin Flame (Love Interest): Katerina Petrova / Katherine Pierce

Parents: Mikael (Hated Father), Asmodeus (Beloved Stepfather), Marilyn (Hated Mother), Esther (Beloved Stepmother)

Aunts and Uncles: Matthew (Paternal Uncle)

Siblings: Freya and Finn (Oldest Paternal Half Siblings), Elijah and Lynn (Older Paternal Half Siblings), Angela and Angelina (Older Paternal Half Sisters), Nathaniel and Niklaus (Stepbrothers), Kol and Kaleb (Younger Paternal Half Brothers), Alistair and Wesley (Younger Paternal Half Siblings), Rebekah (Favored Younger Paternal Half Sister), Henrik (Younger Paternal Half Brother), Sophia (Youngest Paternal Half Sister), Paul Matthew Mikaelson (Youngest Paternal Half Brother) If Mikael is his father

Wife and Kids: Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce (Wife), Nadia Petrova (Oldest Stepdaughter), Kiara Petrova (Middle Stepdaughter) and Ally Dynasty Mikaelson-Petrova (Youngest Stepdaughter)

Cousins: Benjen and Zahra

Nieces and Nephews via,

Freya: Finn Griffith (Nephew, with Vincent and Keelin)

Finn: Kaspian Morrigan (Nephew, with Alena)

Elijah: Chris Smith (Nephew, with Tatia), Emerson Jack Mikaelson (Nephew, with Lynn), Daniel Joel Mikaelson (Nephew, with Angela), Elisa Astrid Mikaelson (Niece, with Daisy), Emily Aspen Mikaelson (Niece, with Daisy) and Erica Anna Mikaelson (Niece, with Daisy)

Lynn: Emerson Jack Mikaelson (Nephew, with Elijah), Juliet Mikaelson (Niece, with Elena) and Ophelia Mikaelson (Niece, with Elena)

Angela: Paul Matthew Mikaelson (Nephew, with Mikael), Daniel Joel Mikaelson (Nephew, with Elijah), Nikolina Mikaelson (Niece, with Nathaniel), Ryan Mikaelson (Adopted Nephew), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Nephew, with Stefan), Katerina and Alexia Salvatore (Nieces, with Stefan), Mia Mikaelson (Niece, with Nathaniel), Jason Gilbert (Nephew, with Casey), Lillian Salvatore (Niece, with Stefan), Ally Petrova (Niece, with Katherine)

Angelina: Aurora and Unnamed Son (Niece and Nephew, with Malachai Parker)

Nathaniel: Nikolina Mikaelson (Niece, with Angela), Mia Mikaelson (Niece, with Angela), Grace Mikaelson (Niece, with Hayley), Joseph Mikaelson (Nephew, with Hayley) and Jerome Mikaelson (Nephew, with Hayley)

Niklaus: Hope Mikaelson (Niece, with Hayley), Morgan Mikaelson (Niece, with Melissa) and Martin Mikaelson (Nephew, with Melissa)

Kol: MyKayla "Kayla" Salvatore Mikaelson (Niece, with Allison) and Madeline "Maddie" Salvatore Mikaelson (Niece, with Allison)

Kaleb: Aiden Mikaelson (Nephew, with Delia) and Elias Mikaelson (Nephew, with Delia)

Alistair: Dove Forbes Mikaelson (Niece, with Valentina)

Wesley: Miles Mikaelson Salvatore (Nephew, with Damon), Laura Mikaelson Salvatore (Niece, with Damon), Aaron Mikaelson Salvatore (Nephew, with Damon) and Owen Mikaelson (Nephew, with Damon)

Rebekah: Tessa Salvatore-Mikaelson (Niece, with Stefan), Henrik Mikaelson Fairchild (Nephew, with Cheyenne) I don't know who the sperm donor is, so

Henrik: Died before he had any kids

Sophia: Brooke and Erin Petrova-Mikaelson (Nieces, with Austin), Sebastian Mikaelson (Nephew, with Austin), Ann Mikaelson (Niece, with Austin), Charles and Edward (Nephews, with Austin)

Honorary Family: Lillian Salvatore (Former Adoptive Mother), Julian (Former Adoptive Father), Mary Louise, Nora, Valerie, Malcolm and Beau (Adoptive Siblings)

Closest To: Quibblo Friends (mostly Alena and Nathaniel), The Heretics (minus Oscar), His siblings and Katherine

Partner In Life: Nora Hildegard

Soulmates (Platonic): Mary Louise

Shoulder To Lean On: Valerie Tulle

Voice Of Reason: Katherine Pierce

Other Half: Rebekah Mikaelson

Partners In Crime: Benjen and Zahra

Pride and Joy: Alena Morrigan

Occupation: Professional Trainer (Like in a gym)

Diet: Vampire, Witch and Werewolf Blood It doesn't kill him because he's an original as well as human food

Side Of The War: Mikaelsons

Mystic Falls or New Orleans: Neither

Loyalty: To his family

Likes: Being acknowledged, remembering good times

Dislikes: Drama

Interests: Writing, Playing guitar, Keeping to himself

Talent: Can be empathetic when the situation calls for it

Greatest Fear: Ending up like Mikael

Deepest Desire: To be happy

Secret: He knew he was related to the Mikaelsons before they knew about him

Most Prized Possession: A hair clip he got from his stepfather

Motto: Always and Forever 

Character Quote: "This could be the end of everything."

Extra: Doesn't actually care if Katherine sl(ee)ps with others as he knows she genuinely loves him even if she hates the fact she does

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