Characters Sheet

Starting Fresh

Chapter 1

Miranda Salvatore

Birth Name: Miranda Lillian Glibert-Salvatore

Choosen Name: Miranda Salvatore

Altrenate identity: Mindy Williams

Alias: Mandy Cooper

Nicknames - First Name (Miranda): Mandy or Mindy (mostly everyone), Manda (Dad and Uncle Damon) and Mir (Mom and Uncle Jeremy)

Middle Name (Lillian): Lily or Lil (by her siblings), Lila and Lia (by Friends)

Petname: My Swan

Gender: Female

Species: Cured Human

Age: 19

Brthday: January 9th

Friends: Quibblo Friends' characters

Adult Friends: Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Sarah Nelson, Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, Tyler Lockwood, Mason Lockwood, Valerie Tulle, Georgina Dowling, Nora Hildegard, Meredith Fell, Tom Avery, Alexia Branson, Hayley Marshall, Elijah Mikaelson, Niklaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Mikael, Silas, Ambrose and Sybil

Love Interest: Casey's character


Paternal Ancestors

Silas (Progenitor of Salvatore Doppelgängers)

Silas' Unnamed Sibling(s)

Unknown Salvatore Doppelgängers

Giuseppe Salvatore (Paternal Grandfather)

Lillian Salvatore (Paternal Grandmother)

Damon Salvatore (Paternal Uncle)

Stefan Salvatore (Father)

Paternal Cousins

Zachariah Salvatore

Joseph Salvatore

Paternal Half Cousin

Zach Salvatore

Paternal Half Second Cousins

Gabriel Salvatore

Sarah Salvatore

Tom Avery (Paternal Descendant)

Maternal Biological Ancestors



Mr. Petrov

Mrs. Petrova

Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce

Nadia Petrova

Isobel Flemming (Biological Maternal Grandmother)

Adopted Maternal Ancestors

Johnathan Gilbert

Christopher Gilbert

Samantha Gilbert

Grayson Gilbert (Adopted Grandfather)

Miranda Sommers-Gilbert (Adopted Grandmother)

Jeremy Gilbert (Maternal Uncle/Second Cousin once removed)

John Gilbert (Biological Maternal Grandfather)

Elena Gilbert (Mother)

half Siblings will be edited in later on

Occupation: College Student

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