Tips for Unique Bachelorette Party Favors

Tips for Unique Bachelorette Party Favors

Chapter 1

Tips for Unique Bachelorette Party Favors

Being a maid of honor is a privilege. A bride only picks the person who is worthy of the title. And, that person would either be one of her closest family member or her best friend. Which one are you?

One of the biggest roles of a maid of honor is planning a bachelorette party besides helping the bride is preparing for her wedding. Of course, as her trusted right hand, you must give the bride to be a proper send-off as she embarks a new chapter in her life.

Then, how can you make this last hurrah more epic and memorable?

Get unique bachelorette party favors.

Most individuals focus on preparing the venue and organizing the activities for the party, but not much about party favors. Take note that these items are not simply a token. It is a way of displaying gratitude to the guests who shared such a wonderful moment with the bride. Moreover, these gifts are a lifetime memento, especially for the future wife. Hence, it is agreeable that you must get a unique bachelorette party favors for the whole bridal party.

Getting started in picking out party favors is always the hardest part. Given the countless options in the market, choosing one can be confusing and overwhelming. To help you find which bachelorette token is best, check out the guide below.

#1 Elegant and Practical

Not all party favors are simply for decorative purposes. There are classy yet practical options out there that any girl would love to have. For instance, coming from one of the leading sources of bachelorette party favors, the Bachelorette box, they have a wide collection of chic and convenient items. Examples of it are fanny packs, makeup bags, tote bags, stemless wine glass, and glam kit.

You can check out this link,  to view the above party favor samples.

#2 Playful

Does the party involve hitting the club?

If you are planning to go to an outdoor location, you can choose a party favor that would make the bride and her squad stand out. Try out the chic gold metallic tattoo or the classic bride sash and tiara. For sure, every head will turn once the group enters the club.

#3 Something Memorable

You can never go wrong in picking out a token that can last for a long time. A picture frame with the bridal party’s photo is a unique and thoughtful gift. You can also ask the bridesmaids to write short messages, their autograph, or mark the picture with a kiss to make it more special.

You can check this page out to see this unique party gift here at the Bachelorette Box.

Additional Tip

Picking out the right party favor is easy with the help of an excellent guide. If you are still having a hard time choosing which item to get, then ask assistance from one of the leading bachelorette party guide and marketplace, the Bachelorette Box.

Right on this source, you’ll get to access a wide selection of party favors that would suit every bride. You can click here to see their items as well as the product specifications and reviews.


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