Medical Alert Buyer's Guide: The Different Types of MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Buyer's Guide: The Different Types of MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems

Chapter 1

Medical Alert Buyer's Guide: The Different Types of MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems

by: DaveMeyer

The MobileHelp is one of the biggest and reliable medical alert system monitoring companies that you can find in the country today; they provide a quality 24/7 service without limiting the coverage of service – both indoor and outdoor coverage. The MobileHelp medical alert systems are integrated with the AT&T network, which makes the MobileHelp devices usable both indoor and outdoor.

What makes MobileHelp on top of its game? As an example, here are a few key features that make MobileHelp one of the best:

•   It won’t tie you up in a long-term contract; so, canceling the service won’t be so hard. In fact, you can get a prorated refund for the unused service once the device was returned.

•   It offers a 30-day money back guaranteed.

•   It offers transparent business processes, including the terms and conditions.

•   It offers a flexible pricing plan

•   All emergency buttons available are water-resistant; this includes pendant, wrist-button, and the smartwatch.

•   Fast responding services.

•   Long-range coverage.

•   2-way voice – the base station and the mobile device.

•   Reliable service.

If you are planning to take advantage of what MobileHelp has to offer, you should check these different types of MobileHelp medical alert systems:

MobileHelp Classic

One of the first product line introduced to the market was the MobileHelp Classic, which has two main parts – the base station and the emergency button device. Also, there are two types of emergency button devices - the neck pendant and the wrist button. Plus, the Classic is a cellular in-home system; which means this type of MobileHelp does not require a landline.

The MobileHelp Classic is usually at @29.95 per month but there are some cool special deals that you can take advantage of.

MobileHelp Solo

The MobileHelp Solo system has a GPS portable unit that is designed as an outdoor medical alert monitoring system. The senior will be wearing an emergency medical alert button while he or she is outside of the house; with just one press away, wherever you are – out from the comforts of your home – you are fast to access medical assistance. The Solo is usually at $37.95 per month; check more of the current prices at some reliable MobileHelp reviews.

MobileHelp Duo

The Duo system is the combination of the classic and the solo – a highly recommended MobileHelp Dup medical alert system. The Duo consists of two emergency buttons, which the senior can use inside and out of the house, a GPS tracking, and a speakerphone that acts as the base station. Typically, the Duo is at $41.95 per month.

Other Key Product Line:

Other than the mentioned three main medical alert systems, the MobileHelp also offer these following services that you might want to add:

•   Automatic fall detection button

•   Medication reminders

•   MobileHelp connect premium

•   Lockbox

At this reliable resource, you’ll find out more of these; check it out now.

Final Thoughts

MobileHelp medical alert system is one of the reliable medical alert monitoring providers that you can always trust.


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