The Process of Operating Battery Powered Lawn Mower

The Process of Operating Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Battery powered lawn mowers are currently very popular because they do not cause noise like other machines powered by engines. So do you know how to use the machine to be safe, economical and effective? The following article will show you 7 steps to use standard battery powered lawn mower.

Chapter 1

Battery Powered Lawn Mower

The process of operating battery powered lawn mower is divided into several small steps, including the following 7 basic steps:

Step 1: Prepare and check the machine before starting work

This is the first and perhaps the most important job you need to do to ensure the operation of the device as well as the safety of use. Make sure you check your yard carefully, make sure that hard objects such as gravel, stone, ... are no longer on the yard. Secondly, do you have to check the electrical path to the machine if there is a leak? If there is an error, it must be resolved quickly to avoid the unfortunate situation.

Step 2: Start the machine

After you have completed the preparation and testing steps, press the start button. Note that you should press the sewing head on the ground. Make sure that the posture of the person and the lawn mower is in the most comfortable state when working.

Step 3: Start work

You proceed to rotate the handle upwards and start cutting the grass. When cutting, you should move the sewing head firmly to both sides and move forward. Such a balanced movement will help you save more energy and always make sure the machine is in the process of loading. During work, if you notice a battery powered lawn mower has started to heat up, stop and let the machine rest. If you leave the device to work too long, it will easily lead to the overheating of the machine.

Step 4: Move the rocks off the field

Before dividing the weeds, you should move the boulders out of the mowing area, otherwise they will damage your charge very quickly. Not only that, moving the rocks will make your machine more stable and can be cut more and more quickly.

Step 5: Can't you cut the grass when the machine has gone through them?

In such cases, the charge of the machine is worn and is no longer as effective as before. Replace the new rate and continue working to increase productivity.

Step 6: If you feel tired, stop doing it for a few minutes

If you feel stressed and tired when you have to work continuously, try to rest a little. If you keep trying to continue, your spinal or wrist discomfort and pain can affect your health.

Step 7: Do not put the head to cut the grass close to the ground

Do not try to put the head to cut the grass close to the ground as this will make the tongue faster than ever. Not only that, it also makes your garden yard more ugly and messy. You should leave the lawn mower about 5.1 cm above the ground, so it is more convenient to work.


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