Top 5 Methods to Resolve AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone

Top 5 Methods to Resolve AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone

We are providing Top 5 Methods to Resolve AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone to make your AOL email account hassle-free. So read this blog carefully.

Chapter 1

AOL Support Number

AOL mail is free webmail service provided by AOL. AOL has been one of the most consistent webmail services in North America but sometimes it does not work properly. Do you get frustrated when AOL app is not working properly on the iPhone?

People have complained about this issue a lot, AOL is not working properly on all models of iPhone. Well, some people contacted AOL support phone number but still, they were not satisfied with the answers they got.

To get you out of this situation and solve your issue as easily as possible we have created a guide which will help you in the working of AOL mail on iPhone.

There is a lot of issues user face on iPhone and we have covered nearly all of them. So please follow these methods to resolve your issue.

Method 1: Update the device’s software

 AOL app works best when your device is updated to latest and greatest iPhone firmware. So, if you want to get the best out of AOL mail app update the iOS firmware.

This should solve most of the problems but if the problems persist do follow other methods.

Method 2: Turn Airplane mode on and off

When you are facing an issue with the app, most likely it is due to the bad or poor internet connection. You need to make sure that the internet is working properly in order to get the best out of any apps.

Go to your setting menu and turn off the airplane mode. And then turn it on after a couple of minutes to reset the network connection. This will most likely solve your problem.

Method 3: Force stop the app and restart it

This method is for iOS 9.3 or higher versions.

·        Go to the app switcher

·        Force close the app by swiping up

·        Now, restart the app by clicking on the app icon from home screen

·        Try to replicate the issue you were facing to see if it's resolved or not

Method 4: uninstall the app and reinstall it

Reinstalling the app work wonders for most people because the problems and issue it faced can be eradicated by it.

·        Tap and hold on the app icon until you see cross sign on the top right corner.

·        Click on the cross sign and tap on Delete option.

·        Then go to the app store and reinstall the AOL app.

Method 5: Remove your account and log in again

After all, this, if you are still facing the problems on the AOL app you can contact by dallying AOL technical support number and let them know about the issue. But you could try one last time to solve the issue by yourself.

You need to remove the account and log in again.

·        Go to settings

·        Tap on accounts and passwords

·        Click on it to view all the accounts

·        Click on AOL account and delete it

·        Now go to the app and log in to your account again.


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