What Are The Benefits Of Using A LAN Messenger Within A Large Company?

When operating large companies, communicating with all the employees can become more and more difficult. So, instead of conducting informal meetings frequently or running across the building, many companies use an instant messenger. However, business competitors or criminals can hack instant messaging programs and intercept sensitive information. Moreover, spyware and viruses can also be transferred through an instant messenger, which may compromise business projects.

Chapter 1

Secure Messaging Over The Local Network

Fortunately, most companies have a LAN. So, through corporate LAN messaging solution, it can become possible to send messages over the network more effectively, in zero time and securely.

Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmKAVn1Zepg

There are plenty of messaging services and software programs available today. In the case of most such products, a central server is used to coordinate communications. However, since the location of the server is often outside of a company’s network, a significant threat is posed. Fortunately, most LAN messengers support the latest secure protocol, so when having a LAN chat, all information always remains within the local network. A LAN messenger from Softros encrypts all communication that is transmitted, so it becomes impossible to intercept the messages.

Messaging Without An Internet Connection

To be able to use most commercial messenger programs, Internet access is needed to form a connection with their authorization server. Not only is a security threat created in the network, but any Internet connection failure can lead to the unavailability of the entire service. On the other hand, a LAN messenger does not have to connect to the Internet to send messages over a network, and no IP address is required. Instead, it keeps all communication within the local area network, which is a secured Intranet environment.

Multiple Modes Of Operation

LAN messengers can often be operated with and without a server. In the server mode, the LAN messenger’s optional server component is installed on a dedicated server in the network. Consequently, all communication, even offline messaging, is handled by this component, and since it controls user authorization, more security is also provided. However, LAN messengers can also be operated without a dedicated messaging server, without any hassles, in which case users are automatically detected on the corporate network.

Immediate Group Messaging Between Employees

If an urgent group meeting needs to be conducted, LAN messengers also make it possible to have a group LAN chat. How to send such messages to employees without any delay? The desired group of employees has to be selected, and the message has to be typed. After these steps, it will be delivered to all of them immediately.

Group Discussions & Meetings Within The Local Network

The higher-ups in a company often have a quick question or a small question but are not able to find someone to solve promptly. With a LAN messenger, questions can be asked to a group of employees. Group broadcasting and chats are supported by a LAN messenger, so the entire group is allowed to discuss things in real-time.


LAN messengers may look just like any well-known messenger, but they are far more effective, quick and secure to send messages over a network. This also means that there is barely any learning curve when it comes to using such a messenger within a company to have a LAN chat.


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