Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 32

Chapter 1

Chapter 32

by: ImBack_
---Brooke's POV---
"WAKE UP!" I heard someone shout. My eyes fluttered opened, to see my mom's face.
"Brooke honey you gotta get onto the plane soon!" She said in a rushed voice. I stretched my arms out before looking at the clock beside me.
"4 am?" I said stretching my arms out.
I quickly got showered then dressed. I changed into some sweat pants, a tank top and a hoodie. Then when we got to the airport for my own plane!
OMG i'm freaking out right!
About 45 minutes into the flight my phone rang. i looked down at the caller Id to see 'Justin' pops up on the screen. I smiled before pressing the talk button.
"Hey babe." I said greeting him.
"Hey baby, i heard we're public now." I could tell he was smiling even though i couldn't see his face. I chuckled softly.
"Yeah Twitter is going crazy!"
"i'm not going to make it to the rehearsal but...i know that your seat is next to mine."
I stayed quiet for a moment.
"Are you okay?" he asked a bit worried. i didn't answer, but kept the phone held to my ear. "Brooke?? Are you okay?" He said a bit louder. I nodded as if he could see me before whispering, "Yes." It was clearly a lie.
"Brooke.....what's wrong? I hate for you to be all sad." He was pleading a bit.
"'s nothing....i'll see you later!"
----Justin's POV---
"Oh it's nothing! I'll see you later." she said her voice cracking a bit.
i was unsure but didn't mention it again.
"Okay. Bye."
"I lov-" She hung up. Somethings wrong. She didn't say i love you back. She didn't even let me finish. I sighed and sank down in the couch and redialed her number. Then phone rang and rang, then cut to voice mail. What did i do?
"Justin." Scooter called. I didn't look away from my phone.
"Time to go up." He said pointing behind him.
I'm going on the Ellen show today. i just can't get Brooke off my mind. Something bad is going to happen. I wish i could be there with her. I stood up looking down at my phone.
"Justin Bieber, Everyone!" I looked away from the phone to put on a smile that was fake by the way. I hugged Ellen quickly, before taking my seat.
"Justin....Brooke had said you to were a couple....what do you have to say?" Ellen asked.
"What's to say...i'm in love with the girl!" I leaned back in my seat and smile.
The interview went on when my phone rang.
"Oh......i'm sorry Ellen, let me get this." I said pulling my phone quickly.
It was a text from Brooke.
My eyes scanned the text.
You Have To Be Kidding me.
No Way.

What did the text say?
find out in the part of...
Stuck in the Moment.....


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