Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 31

Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 31

I feel like writing right now.....
i think i wrote a it to much??

Chapter 1

Chapter 31

by: ImBack_
---Justin's POV---
The ride was awesome! Twist and turns loops of all kinds. Brooke had her eyes shut the whole time. I laughed.
When the ride came to an end Brooke still had her eyes closed.
"Babe." i whispered, lifting up my seat belt.
"Is it over?" She said opening one eyes. I nodded and she sighed with relief.
She lifted up the seat thing before stepping out. I also stepped out.
"Justin!" I heard someone shout. My eyes scanned the people in line to stop a boy.
"Cody!" I shouted back. I took Brooke's hand as we walked to him.
"Hey Cody! What's up?" I said, as we did a hand shake.
"Brooke!" He said stretching his arms out to her. She hugged back, and giving him a smile when they pulled back.
"You two know each other?" i asked a bit confused.
Cody and Brooke smiled at each other.
"Yeah...I was in one of his music videos!" Brooke informed me.
I nodded.
"Well....we'll see you around!" Brooke said.
We said bye to Cody and went off into the park. I was going to ask Brooke about that video but i ended up forgetting about it.
Six flags was fun and it couldn't be better just hanging out with Brooke.
But so we had to leave. The ride home we just talked about all the rides.
The second we got home i said, "Take a shower and get Dressed!" Brooke turned around and looked at me confused.
"WHAT???" She sounded surprised! I smiled.
"We are going for dinner." I smiled.
-------25 days later---
(I know you might want to know what happened on the date will come up later and it's best if you don't know....for now...)

-----Brooke's POV---
I sighed as Robert gave me a thumbs up. i smiled and nodded. i really have nothing against him anymore. He makes my mom happy so i should be happy right? I'm about to go on Chelsea Lately. it's a very nice show with Chelsea Handler. I've been told many interesting things about her.
(If you watch her show then you know what i'm talking about.)
I quickly straighten my clothing, checking what i was wearing.
A blue top with jeans and sneakers. My hair was flat ironed, with my bangs in front of my face.
"please welcome, Brooke Wicfield!" I heard her say. I smiled and walked out to be greeted by the audience. I waved and smiled before giving Chelsea a hug. We both took our seats as the claps fade away. I knew something about Justin was going to come up. Man, i miss Justin. Last time i saw him was almost a month ago. It really hurt to be away from him. I'm going to see him in about 4 days at the Teen Choice Awards.
"Hey." Chelsea smiled at me. I smiled back.
"Hello." I said followed be a small giggle.
"Your Album is coming out in 3 weeks! I'm so happy for you."
"Thank you."
"you are a new artist yet, so famous already. I met you back stage and you were talking to someone on the phone." I smile came onto her face. I knew where she was going with this. She sighed before crossing her arms. "I heard you've been dating my little man." She said glaring at me. I knew she was joking so a small laugh came from my lips.
"You didn't answer my question." She said, leaning toward me in interest.
she uncrossed her arms and the glare changed into a smile.
"There has been rumors that you and Justin Bieber are a couple."
Claps and "WHOO"'s came from the audience. I giggled and blushed red. I don't want to ignore the question.
"Justin's nice. I's hard to not have a good time with him. If you think about.....he could be dating me.......then we could be just friends....." I said smoothly.
"do you want us to show the picture?" She said turning to the screen behind.
I slowly turned around, just as a picture of Justin and i showed up. Awww's went through the crowd. his arms was wrapped around my waist, as i was whispering something in his ear and he was smiling. I sighed and turned away from the picture.
Chelsea turned to me and said, "Explain that." I chuckled and looked down at my hands, as my cheeks turned red. Maybe I should just tell them already. Justin said whenever i wanted to. I bit my lip, nervously.
"You want the truth?" I said in a soft whisper. Chelsea nodded her head, quickly.
"Justin and i have been dating for the past.....month....well a little over a month.."
I stayed quiet for a moment when whoo's went through the room.
"GET IT GIRL!" Chelsea said winking at me. I laughed and nodded my head.
"It's official people! BROOKE WICFIELD AND JUSTIN BIEBER ARE A COUPLE!!!" She threw her fist up in the air and i couldn't help but to burst out laughing.
"I got it before you did E! News!" She said to the camera.
We went on talking about many things.
"You have this one single that has been very popular, it's called 'When i look at you'"
(* Originally by Miley Cyrus....but i'm using it as Brooke's song*)
I nodded and waited for her to continue on with the question.
"Was it written for a someone or....based on a someone?"
"Well-" She cut me off.
"What is the whole story with you and Justin?"
"I have know Justin for.....14 years. we met in preschool and our mom's were best friends. I moved away in 4th grade.....met Justin again, in march. He told me he had feelings for me and we were sort of, off and on, till last month." I added a nice smile.
"Are you aloud to say all of that?" She asked.
I shrugged, "I don't care! Why should i care? it's my life!" I said leaning back in my seat. "You know what! you're really nice! seem very lay back. It was nice talking to you!"
"You too!" I agreed.
"Brooke Wicfield's CD 'Already gone' comes out on September 13! go pick it up as soon as you can! When we come back we have some News about Johnny Depp!" The audience clapped as we both stood up. I hugged her good-bye, before walking backstage. The interview was live so....the trouble will be starting soon.
"Hey!" Robert said. "you did we have to go to Twist Magazine for you Photo shoot and your own section in the magazine.....After that.." He paused looking down at his phone.
"You can Chill for the rest of the day...then you're flyng to LA for the teen choice awards Dress Rehearsal thing tomorrow!" I nodded and agreed.


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