Love Hurts

Love Hurts

This is a short story about an emo girl who falls in love with a popular the end it all goes wrong. Read to find out what happens.

Chapter 1

The story

Dakota was a sad girl. No one understood her, not even her parents. She got made fun of every day at school. One day a guy caught her eyes...that was a mistake. Austin Gorgess was the popular guy in school. Every girl went CRAZY over him. One day, Austin and Dakota talked...

Austin: Hey
Dakota: Are you talking to me?
Austin: Yeah...who else?
Dakota: Oh, umm.
Austin: Do you wanna go out?
Dakota: (Smiles) Really?
Austin: Yeah.
Dakota: Sure!

Dakota sat there in shock while Austin went over to his freinds. What she didn't notcie was that when Austin went over to his freidns...he was laguhing. Their first date was at a movie and Austin noticed that Dakota was actually a great girl. Soon, he really did start to fall in love with her! Unfortunately that was when Dakota found out that it was a lie. One of her emo friend's told her that it was just a dare and Austin was actually supposed to dump her soon. Dakota was so sad. When she found out she ran home crying her eyes out. Dakota slammed the door and locked it. Her mom tried to get in but couldm't. When Dakota's mother found the key to her bedrrom she got in and talked to her.

Mom: Dakota, honey, what's wrong?
Dakota: (Through sobs) It was all a lie! Austin gt a dare to ask me out. He's supposed to dump me soon.
Mom: Oh Honey, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?
Dakota: Can you get my phone?
Mom: Of course.

Her mom get's the phone and Dakota calls Austin...she talks to him for a few.

Austin: Hello?
Dakota: Hey.
Austin: Oh hey Dakota! When do you want me to pick you up tonight?
Dakota: Don't start that!
Austin: What?
Dakota: I know it's a lie, Austin!
Austin: What the Hell are you talking about?
Dakota: You were dared to go out with me! I found otu. Well, Mr.Austin, I'm gonna dump you before you can dump me! it's over!

Dakota hangs up the phone and Austin remembers the day that he asked her out. The next day he tried to tell her how he really felt, but she ignored him. Now he knew how she felt a long time ago. It hurt being ignored all the time. When Austin got home he messaged Dakota.

I know you don't want to talk to me, but I want to tell you how i truly feel about you. I love you, I love you with all my heart. NOTHING will change that! It was a dare at first, but then I saw that your gorgeous, and funny, and smart, and everything I liked, but I didn't know that I liked all those things...until I met you. I don't want to hurt you anymore so I'm killing myself. I love you Dakota...I always will. Never forget me...please-

As soon as Dakota got done reading the note she cried. Astin may have broken her heart, but she still loved him more than anything. Dakota thought that maybe if she died, then it would all work out. So she went to Austin's house and up to his room, but it was too late. he was already dead. Dakota took the knife that he used and slit her throat with it. When the police took a look they found a note written in Dakota's caligraphy handwriting.

I loved Austin and always will. Whe I found out that he was dead...I couldn't bear it! I took my life along with his for the love I feel for him. I'm sorry'll have to live without me.

Dakota and Austin found each other in HEAVEN, because even though they commited sins...GOD still forhave them, because it was all for love. And that is...



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