Creatures of the Night

I'm pretty excited. This isn't much like my usual sloppy handwriting... So I hope you like it :DDD
~ Super Awesome Long Story, begins.

Chapter 1

Cannibal (Song: Ke$ha ~ Cannibal)

The word rang through Willa's head. "Willa Wolfess?" Mr. Ramiro called out. Willa raised her hand. "Next time just say you're here." He said grouchily as the class laughed. Willa smiled and turned red. "Ha, Romania you just don't get America that much don't you. In Transylvania did you have to raise your hand?" Jack asked smirking. Willa wanted to pop his head out. "No, Jack, just leave me alone." Willa said in her thick Romanian accent and turned away. She had auburn wavy hair, a pale complexion and blue eyes. "Ha, Romania, your voice is so funny!" Jack teased and started talking to the people around him. Willa wanted to rip him in pieces and feed it to the Wolf King now. Willa hated America. At least Florida. The air was sticky and dry especially in summer. In the winter it was cold, dry and stiff. She hated it. Her classroom smelled like an armpit stuffed up to her nose, with sometimes a spray of peaches, which she also hated. Her classroom was also dry, thick, and filled with dust. The first day she came, her desk had a thin layer of dust and her chair had a cushioned layer of dust, she didn't realize that her chair wasn't gray, but blue with streaks of blood and brown substance she didn't even want to know about. "Hey Romania, we are going bowling, want to join us?" Jack said, then whispered from behind, and with Willa's sharp werewolf ears, she heard snickering and, "I hope she falls for it." whispers. "No Jack, I'd rather die in a hole with Mrs. Rasputin." Mrs. Rasputin was the boring math teacher on earth. She would explain things and write things down, but since she was fragile and old, she would usually fall asleep while telling a story about her grand children. A bunch of "ooooooh, oh no she didn't!" whistles surrounded her and Jack. Jack snorted and said, "Smart, but what if I joined?" He said smirking. Willa smiled, letting her canines grow back into wolf size and responded, "I would eat you." And with that Jack let out another snort, but this time not of sarcasm, but of fear. He sat more back, making his chair nearly fall, but landed on Viola's desk, a very pretty girl with a super pale complexion, black hair with some tints of scarlet, which would look odd, but it suited her mysterious scarlet eyes. He smiled sheepishly at her, but Viola pushed him off and he fell. Willa smiled and turned around.
Willa: 15 Jack: 14
Willa could hear Jack's growl but hurried up from her chair, grabbed her bags, and left right when the bell rang. RINGRINGRING it rang.
The corridors itself was crowded and papers flew everywhere. Jack was screaming after Willa but luckily she got away before his weird anythings happen. The walls were once painted pale peach, but it chipped off, leaving stains of blood, dirt, and just plain old chippings. "Willa!" Viola said from behind. Oh no; Willa didn't like Viola much, for she was the suspicious most person she had ever met. "Oh hello!" Willa shouted over the screaming kids. The marble floor was gritty as she walked towards Willa. But before anything else could happen, the bell rang. "WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!" Viola screamed. She was in my Physical Education class, but before I could breathe out another mumble to myself, she took a hard grip on my wrist, making her knuckles go white. She practically glided on air as she skimmed passed the children. It was insane, but yet incredible at the same time. As she made her way through the crowds of kids blocking the windows, she hissed at the sun. Without a chance of a thought she pushed me out the door and hurried after me.

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