Creatures of the Night

I'm pretty excited. This isn't much like my usual sloppy handwriting... So I hope you like it :DDD
~ Super Awesome Long Story, begins.

Chapter 2

Vampire (Song: Xandria - Vampire)

Viola = Vampire
Coincident? If 2+2 have a possibility to equal fish, this is definitely a coincident.
"Hey Viola." Jack said from behind. A bunch of other guys were watching intently. "Walk away, or just get embarrassed." I hissed at him. He looked away as I turned and said Hi. "You bore you." He said with a wink and walked back to his guy friends. "Viola, social networking should be after class, and stay that way." Mrs. Rasputin said, walking to her class. "Okay, now the old hag is out of the track, its time to warm up!" Wayne said with his loud Australian accent. It was as if everything was either ended with an exclamation point, or not ended at all. I looked over at Willa and smiled. There couldn't be any doubt she was a werewolf. Who else has sharp ears and sharp teeth at the same time? AND What kind of girl coming from Romania with a tan, NOT be a werewolf? Its their signature. I'm Romanian myself, but I lived in America for most my life so I don't know much of it. She smirked at me. Although I'm trying to recruit her as a friend, who am I kidding, we are enemies on the track. The best runners in the track. When she's actually moving, no one know where she is next. I'm just literally leaping. I smirked back and Jack, from behind her, winked at me. I swear I almost vomited right here, but then I remembered I didn't have lunch or breakfast... I sighed and waited for Wayne to blow the whistle. "Now remember kids, this is just basically a test to see who goes to what team or not, so please don't take it personally when you loose, or if you break your neck, or if you try to flirt with someone and then it failed, or if you tripped, or if you--" but it wasn't Wayne I was paying attention to. As gross as it was, Jack was my attention. Something in his Aura called out to me. He was looking intently at Wayne, muttering something, and then all of a sudden I hear a whistle. I shake my head and ran as fast as my long legs could take me. I had not so fat thighs and the rest of my leg is just muscle. I smiled at Willa and passed her, JUST a bit, but she caught me at this and passed ME just a bit. Jack was behind us, somehow not tripping when everyone tripped him. He just advanced. I glanced at Willa and we both smirked, stopping in our tracks all of a sudden. The whole group stopped. They stared as we threw Jack to the ground, stepped on him, and arm on neck, we walked together across the finish line. The world still didn't let go of it's breath. I smiled. Wayne looked wide eyed as just about everyone else. "Settled? You V." Willa murmured in my ear. I smiled and murmured back, "Settled, you W." EVERYONE knew the two bests at the same thing are enemies and stay enemies, but we just broke that. Wayne opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it, but then opened it, but then closed it again. Willa smiled and looked back at the stepped on Jack. He got up and mumbled something towards us. "Wolves and Vamps" He teased us through out the day.

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