The Experiments

The Experiments

This story is sort of my version of Maximum Ride by James Patterson- enjoy!! :D

Chapter 1

Meeting Josh

My wavy, smoky-black hair danced around my pale, freckled face as I silently slid through the hallway, dodging nurses and doctors. 'Invisibility is definitely a plus,' I thought happily, smiling to myself. My golden eyes searched for a place to escape, darting back and forth as I crept along. All I wore was a dark tank top and jeans. Shoes weren't an issue- I went barefoot.
As I passed a room with the door open, I glanced sideways, then did a double-take. There, in a cramped silver cage, was a boy; a boy that was just like me. Silently, I slipped into the small, shadowy room and closed the door. Making sure nobody else was around, I revealed myself. Perhaps instinct told him not to speak, I'm not sure, but no noise escaped his lips as I appeared in front of him.
"Can you speak?" I whispered, leaning closer to the cage. He nodded, but still seemed wary of me. I can respect that. My mind puzzled over the complicated lock as I examined it. Finally, I got it open and the boy edged out.
"What's your name?" I asked quietly, afraid to ask but needing to know someone else who shared my secret.
"Joshua," the boy spoke delicately, as if his voice would break if he used it too much. "Josh."
"Follow me," I replied, heading toward the door to the hallway. "The exit has to be around here somewhere..."
"No," said Josh softly. "There are doctors out there. We need to go this way." He pointed at a shadowy corner I hadn't even noticed before. There sat a beautiful little girl of about five who looked just like Josh; straight dark hair, olive skin, and vast chocolate-brown eyes. Oh, and of course, the wings.
Yes, wings. You didn't read that wrong. I have them too, but I had no idea that anybody else did. Until now, anyway.
Josh and the little girl both had large black wings, tipped with a silvery slate color. Mine are about the same size and are a dark Tuscan red, tipped with midnight blue.
"That's my sister," Josh nodded at the little girl. "Her name's Grace."
"Hi," I heard a high, melodic voice call from the corner and the little girl stepped out of the shade. "We can leave through that vent. I already disabled the traps." Then I noticed a screwdriver in Grace's fingers, and I wondered what I was getting into. Oh well; nothing can be worse than The Ward. This place was horrible.

Ok, so before I dive into the story I should probably explain myself. My name is Sienna, nickname Sea, 'cause of my blue wingtips. I'm a vegetarian, but when I've been starving for a couple days, I'll make a sacrifice and eat some meat. The Ward is the hospital where i was born; it's also the most evil place on earth. Let's see... So far, that seems about it, but I might interrupt again, so be aware!

I followed Josh and Grace into the tiny ventilation shaft, tucking my wings close to my sides. After about 30 minutes of shuffling, we smelled fresh air. Finally! Jumping out of the side of the building, all of us snapped out our wings and took off, soaring over the front lawn of The Ward.
Suddenly, a blast like a cannon sounded over our heads. A helicopter; my worst nightmare.
We didn't rule the skies anymore.


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