Afterglow Of The Aftermath From The Scarecrow Unit

This is a My Chemical Romance/For Our Hero fan fiction :D Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

We all hid behind the tables of the office building, gun shots shooting everywhere. We were going against our enemies-Penrose stairs. I took in a few breaths and made sure my brothers and best friend was safe-Mikey and Gerard were safe and shooting and Frank was behind a wall reloading. I cocked my gun back and shot the nearest Penrose I could find shooting him in the leg causing him to go down.
“Nice work sis” Mikey complimented me
“Thanks Mikey” I ducked back down
“Come in Radio Killer-can you read me?” the scanner demanded
“Loud and clear boss” I talked back
“Listen there’s a Helicopter waiting for you on the roof. Over and out”
“To the roof guys!” I yelled at my group
I gave two men of my organisation to go ahead first, then Frank then it was my turn. I got up from my little safe place and ran ducking my head when I heard shots. I reached the doors and shot a few times hearing someone groan in pain before running out and up the stairs. I jumped in the red helicopter taking a seat next to Frank breathing heavily and anxiously hoping that both my brothers get out safely. The metal door opened fast and slammed against the concrete wall, Mikey was holding Gerard up with his body and I could see a bit of red liquid escaping from his leg. I jumped out to help, Mikey mouthed me to get back in and so did Gerard but instead of mouthing the words he yelled and cursed at me threatening me. I shook my head and fell to my knee shooting the space in between my siblings at the Penrose people coming up the stairs. Mikey helped Gee in and I ran after I shot a few more.
“See Gee, if I wasn’t there you’d be dead” I smiled at him
“Yeah but you could’ve died” he told me wiping blood away
“But I didn’t, can’t you just say ‘Thanks’ and get over it”
“Thanks” he smiled smartly “But there’s no promises on the getting over part”
I rolled my eyes and sat back in my seat. I looked outside watching the town get smaller and smaller-Welcome to my life. My name is Penelope Way and me and my brothers are part of a secret society called The Killjoys and the people we just shot at were Penrose Stairs the enemy. We’ve been in this group for about a decade or so, I joined when I was nine because my brothers did and I wanted to be just like them but also because my parents went on a trip and never came back so I’m guessing they died. So now I work here for Dr. Death Defy going on missions with my brothers and best friend-Frank Iero-we are the best outta the whole place, just shows are cool we are.
The helicopter went down as we neared our stop and got out; doctors and meds came to Gerard’s side when he jumped out still bleeding softly. I watched Mikey and Frank help Gerard inside and pulled out my phone to get in contact with Nax.
Hey, are you still coming to the park? I asked him via txt
Yeah I’ll be there in twenty minutes-He replied
I smiled running to my room covering the spider tattoo on the back of my leg, put away my weaponry and got changed to go and meet Nax in the park. I had to dodge my bro’s, I didn’t want them to find out I had a boyfriend because then that would turn out bad for everyone-Especially Nax.
I waited beside the tree looking around for him. I sunk to the grass keeping my eyes down when I couldn’t see him at first.
“Peek-A-Boo” Nax scared me
“Nax!” I gasped happily
He outstretched his hand and put them in mine helping me up off the ground and into his arms. I rested my head on his shoulder and we stood there like that for a while, I was so happy to see him-I haven’t seen him for days. I missed his soft, black hair, his big brown eyes and tan skin but also the little silver piercing on the left side of his bottom lip. I looked up at him and he smiled down with his cute dimpled smile, I wrapped my arms tighter around him and he squeezed back.
“I missed you” He whispered into my hair
“I love you” I whispered back up to him
Nax laughed softly and placed his hand underneath my chin and lifted my head up to his and placed my lips on his. We stayed like that but had to stop when Geoff interrupted us.
“Nax we have to go” Geoff looked anxious
“Why?” Nax tensed up
“We need to get to the hospital-Leon’s loosing blood fast!”
“What!? What happened to our Paramedics!?”
“I don’t know” I could tell Geoff was lying-there was something in his eyes that said something else
“What? Why? What happened to Leon?” I gasped
“He fell on a knife” now Nax was lying to me too
Instead of causing a fight, I kissed him on the cheek and let him go and help his friend; Leon. I’ve met his friends before (or as he calls them-His family) before and they are really nice. I wonder really happened to Leon? I watched Geoff and Nax run, they were whispering to each other but I couldn’t detect what they were saying though...Pity. I got up from my little spot sighing sadly, haven’t seen Nax for three days and only got to see him for five minutes just then but those five minutes I will remember in till the next time we meet.
I walked back into the office where everyone was rushing around everywhere. What was making everyone act so loopy? I went to the hospital wing to find Gerard unhappily sitting up on a gurney, I laughed at him and he flipped me off.
“Is this all needed?” I sat on the chair next to his bed
“No! I’m only shot in the damn leg-I mean I’ve done worse. Far man” he complained
“That means you get to miss out” Frank laughed walking in with Mikey “Where were you Pip? You missed out on a mission meeting”
“Damn it” I pretended to be disappointed “But you’ll fill me on the dets? Yes?”
“Of course and also I wanted to rub it in Gerard’s face what we’re doing” he smirked
Mikey placed a folder in front of Gerard and one in front of me. Flipping it open I stared at the dark wood red coloured house for a while before reading the mission.
“No way” I gasped dropping the folder
“There is no way in hell I’m missing this!” Gerard gasped “I don’t care-bullet or no bullet I’m going!”
“Who else is coming?” I wondered
“You, me, Frank-” Mikey was cut short
“Gee” He added
“Gerard” Mikey rolled his eyes “And Selena”
“Cool” I smiled
I couldn’t believe it, our mission was the best thing ever-We found the Penrose place! We’ve been searching for the Penrose Place for ages! And now we finally have a chance to exterminate all of them. Tonight I was going to sleep good.

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