Sasuke Uchiha's Love Story With You, Part 4(Girlz Only)

HELLO EVERYONE!! ^^ I AM SO GLAD I COULD MAKE ANOTHER STORY!! Eer since de creation of the "Save " button i felt relived!! heheh.. I Jus Hope You Guys Will Forgiv Me Bcuz Of This Very Short Part Of The Story, I Hope U Likes This And Will Keep On Cheerin/Presurin Me On To Write More ^^
*``November 14th Of 2010`` *

Chapter 1

Wat Has Happened Last Time..

by: lilfungrl
Sakura The Nurse While I'm the Tough Girl
Well, I got to the training feild first, wait no... is that?... SASUKE!!!
You- Hi, Sasuke- kun
Sasuke- Uh, Hi
Oh no Sakura and Naruto are coming, I wonder if Kakashi-sesei is with them...
Sasuke- Um... youlookpretty today
You- Huh?
Darn, Saskura and Naruto are here
Sasuke- Oh, I said the weather is nice today
You- oh ~disapointment~
Naruto- blah, blah, blah
Well Naruto has to shut up and why is Sasuke staring at me so much wait don't look at Sakura!! What is Naruto doing playing with that kunaii knife? Oh crap! He already cut himself before the first practice? That's a record... and why is Sakura freakin out? I mean it's a cut with a lot of blood coming out, i mean who hasn't seen blood? Ok, now she calmed down, and she cured Naruto, why can't i cure people too? I'm gonna ask my mom to teach me, heh, i was the only one who didn't freak out (Sasuke too).
Everybody- FINALLY!!!!
What toke Kakashi-sensei so long? and what's with that book he is reading?
The Lesson
/Its A Really Nice Day And Kakashi-Sensei has begun wit the lesson.Today apparently we are goin to start with a challenge.. We Are To Take Away Some Bells From Kakashi. /
After A Breif Game Of the Classic Rock,Paper,Scissors, I Teamed Up With Sasuke And Naruto Is Rejoicing The Idea That He Gets To Be Wit Sakura.. But Sakura Isn't Rejoicing.. heheheh.. Like Sasuke I'm An Excelled Student ,Unlike Sasuke I Don't Know The Area That Well, Since I Just Recently Got Here 1 and A Half Month Ago. Sasuke Tells Me TO Get My Kunai Knife Out Bcuz Kakashi is Close By, But Before I Could Take My Knife Out, Sasuke Grabs My Hands And Tugs Me Into A Dug Out Cave.
Sasuke- Forget Training, Do You Wanna Come With Me And Go On A PicNic?
You- But Kakashi Sensei Will Notice Our Absences!!
Sasuke- Don't Worry, That's Why I Create Those Shadow Clones Before I Got You Here.
You- bites lip hhmmm..
Sasuke- AND I Ask Kakashi About This Earlier And He Accepted ^_^
[I Wonder _WHY_He Accepted..]
You- (I've Never Seen Him Smile Like This, I Gotta Make Him Happii )Well If He Accepted, I Guess It's A Good Idea, ( I Wished He Hadn't Asked And Kept The Expression Of A Bad Boy..He Looks Better Like That) And I Did Kind Of Forgot To Eat All Of My Breakfast..
Sasuke- So Its All Gud =D
We Started Running And Sasuke Got A Backpack Load Of Stuff From A Bush And Then We Started Running A Lil Bit More Until We Reached The Top Of The Hokage's Face Monument. When We Got Up There Sasuke Asked Me To Wait Where I Wuz And To Close My Eyes While I Waited, I Counted Up To 3 Min. Until I Felt His Hand Again Lead Me To Somewhere.
Sasuke- Open Your Eyes.
When I Opened Them I Saw The Most Beautiful Sight I Have Ever Seen In My Life. The Veiw Of The Whole Village As It Started To Get Dark [bcuz we both asked our parents if we could come here so itz okay if it gets a little dark..and bcuz of that we toke a while to get here ] Sasuke Then Sat Me Down And He Toke Out Some Food, We Then Started Eating, It wuz quiet [bcuz we were eatin , so there was food in ouir mouths and its rude if we talk with muoths opened] but then Sasuke Broke The Silence Since He Was Finished Eating, and he patiently waited for me to finish.. And Then When I Was Finished Eating 3 minutes later, I HAD to ask him:
You- Why'd You Choose Me To Bring Along?
Sasuke- Because I Know Sakura Would Only Want To Smooch Right Now Since It's A Beautiful Sunset.. And Because When I Look At You I Feel As If I Could Count On You For Anything..
~Your Thinking~ Well He Can Judge Well.. I'll Give Him That..
You- Trust Me For What?
Sasuke- Well.. Its cus i hav an older bro...
You- Oh Really??! What's His Name?? =D
Sasuke- Uchiha Itachi
You- Ohh And How Come I Haven't Seen Him..?
Sasuke-... sad face
You- worried face Is There Something Wrong, Did I Say Something Wrong?? Remember, You Can Can't On Me For ANYTHING...
Sasuke- Wellllll.... Its Not You Its Me Don't Worry About What You Say, Its Just That Speaking About Itachi Like As If This Was A Normal Conversation Got Me To Feel Queasy Inside, Right Here points to his stomach.
You- Ohh.. Yea.. I Kinda Understand. ~Just How I Feel When Sasuke Mentions Sakura...~
Sasuke- Yep and so where i was at, My Older Brother Itachi Left After The Massacre of The Uchihas...
You- Ohh.. It Was Pretty Hard For Him Then huh..
Sasuke- No it wasn't.. Angry Look in his eyes
You- ohhh?..
Sasuke- No, because He's the one who killed them all...
/Akward Silence/
You- So Where Is He Now?
Sasuke- I Really Don't Know... And You Know What?
You- What?
Sasuke- I'm Really Glad You Didn't Start Going All Over Me With Comments Like "And How Do You Feel" Cuz I Hate It When People Just Stare At Me And Feel Sorry.
You Smile And Then You Inch Closer To Him Until You Guys Are Sitting Side By Side.Your Hair Glows Just As The Sun Is Setting And Everything In The Village Turns Peaceful. You Guys Sit There For At Least 5 Min. Holding Hands When Sasuke Speaks...
Sasuke- So I Guess It's Time TO Get You Back Home Huh... kinda of a disapointed face
You Agree and Both Of You Start Walking Holding Hands. You Walk Down The Hokage Monument an once you get to the bottom, you here something in the bushes... You Think It's Naruto Because You Think You Saw A Hint of Orange When Both Of You Were Coming To The Hokage Monument and Yell:
You- Naruto Get Out Of That Bush You Bazztard!! >x[ angry disapointed face
Someone Got Out Of The Bush.. But He Wasn't Naruto Considering The Idea That He Is Way Taller..
Sasuke- Who Are You??
Unknown Mann- My Name Is Kisame
Sasuke- Where Is Itachi??!
Kisame- Ohh Don't Worry He'll Get Here Prettii Soon evil Look on his face
I Thought About it.. isn't Itachi, Sasuke's Older Brother?
You- How did you know Itachi was with him Sasuke -kun??
Sasuke- Because I Have Heard That Itachi Alwayz is Around A So Called Kisame.
By Now Both Of Us Had Our Kunai- knifes out and ready for any attack.
Kisame- Put Those Weapons Down Huge Grin We Are Not Here To Attack Anybody Today.
Sasuke- Then Why Are You Here??!
Then Some Guy Really Similar To Sasuke Steps Out Of The Shadows.
Sasuke- Itachi..
Itachi- -Silent- We Are Here To See How You've Grown, But Since we see You Are Still too young and weak, we will be leaving..
Sasuke- No!! You Can't Leave!! You And Me Are Going To Fight!!
Sasuke Starts Running To Itachi and start fighting, i wanted to go into the fight and help Sasuke Because Itachi Was Winning Him Bad but Kisame Must've Seen My Intentions and said:
Kisame- If You Go Near Itachi and try to attack him I'll Have To Kill You.
I Gulped And Toke The Advice, i would need my energy to take Sasuke to the Hospital...
After 2 min. Itachi had Sasuke Pinned To A Tree And They Started Wispering, But I Could Still Kinda of hear what they were saying:
Itachi: I already new it, you just wasted ur energy, you are still weak and me and kisame are going..
Sasuke- gasping for air but still able to say: One Day Itachi I'll Be Stronger Than You And I'll Be Able To Kill You, And I WILL get my revenge!!
Itachi then lets go and Him And Kisame Go Away. I Go To Where Sasuke Is And I Hug Him, I Let Him Rest On My Lap Since There Wasn't Much I Could Do. After Some Long While Sasuke Got Better And Said: We Should Be Going.
We Started Walking and after some 2or 3 miles something came out of the bushes, I Just Thought.. : But I Thought They Were Over With Us.. :[
But Then: The Thing Runs up to us And starts to jabber a lot and started asking a lot of questions .. At The End I Knew It Was Sakura And Ino side by side, but in the darkness i couldn't tell that since they were so close together.
Sakura&Ino- Where Were U Two And Wat Toke So Long??!!
I Was Gonna Say Something But Then Out Of Nowhere Kakashi-Sensei Appears And Asks ALl Of Us If We Needed An Escort To Our Homes, But We didn't need any except for no [she's kind of afraid of being alone in the darkness] , so Kakashi and Ino Said Their Goodbyes but before thewy left the told me and Sasuke to tell every detail tommorrow after class about their "picnic". wE didn't agree but they still left and left me and Sasuke and Sakura alone and together.

All of The Naruto And Naruto Shippuden Characters Belongs To Masashi Kishimoto and All Of The Pictures Are Of Their Respective Owners Thanx For Reading And I HOpe YOu'll Rate, Comment, and Read The Next Chapter a.k.a Story.


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