Death Note Characters

The anime,'Death Note" is a awsome anime,heres what i think about the characters.(there are a few spoiler alerts in here)

Chapter 1

What I think about Death Note characters

by: DOOMugh
Light Yagimi/Kira

I think light is sorta cute,and I guess he is awsome as kira,but
I think hes also evil,and he killed L!I also think light yagimi
is sorta of a neat freak,and he also dresses formaly all the formaly if you ask me.But i like that one time he said"Ill take a potato chip....AND EAT IT!" XD He looks so evil all the time duh,hes kira.what do you expect?

Misa-Misa/Kira #2

I guess shes pretty,but still,shes kira #2,hmmmm....I guess I dont
mind a kira if they are a girl.also,shes in love with light yagami.XD
hmmm.what else........Oh,her hair looks cute with the little ponytails on the sides.^^ and shes a popstar,i guess shes ok,And the time she stepped in the cake. XD love that part.


I always forget his real name,I think hes a total hottie! hes really funny and cute<3.Hes really smart to! Thats why he is...L! he also eats a lot,but he stays skinny! CHUU!!! i love him. GO L! sorry.......why did he have to die! He dies in episode 25....):(Also,i like the way he sits!Chuu!)
I like his voice to,jeeze,I sure have a lot to say about L.he IS my fav character after all.Oh,I also like they way he holds phones and paper. :3

Ren/A Shinigami
I belive Ren is a girl.Shes also very reasonble,and is Misa's Shinigomy,and the other Kira's to for a short while.hmmm....she killed L,well,not exacly,Light made a plan that if Ren didnt kill L,Misa would be caught by L.Also,Ren died after he Wrote L's name in his death note.

Ryuk/ A Shinigami

Ryuk is Lights shinigomi,and I like the little scull earing on his ear.
Also,i think hes kinda cute the way he likes apples so much,Mmmmmmm,juisy apples! XD

Higuchi/ Kira # 3

In love with Misa.he looks ugly and is stupid.hes kira for a short while.
He dies when Light becomes Kira kinda glad he died.
at least Misa wont need to get married to him.XD hes a buisness persone,blah blah blah.....end of disscusing him.....

Watari/L's directer?

why does he always have his eyes closed? hmm...he also died in episode 25,right before L.Ren killed him first.


He eats chocolate a lot,doent like Near.
well...during the explosion,half his face burned off,he probobly was smart.
He kinda looked like a girl.but still,its sad that he died.


He is pretty smart.i think hes cute when he plays with his toys! Chuu! ^^
He also does the hair twiriling thing,with i kinda like,he also copies L a little bit,the stuff stacking thing,the way he sits.he finaly catches Kira,Light.
hes like,probobly the only one who doesnt die at the end of Death Note.


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