Jacobs Baby Sister - Emmett love story - part 2

I've been trying to get this together forever. 10 the lucky number I guess
Lemme know which stories y'all like best cause I'm thinking of pputting some of them on hold, cause I literally get like a billion ideas a day, including my dreams, sooooo... yeah
PS- Emmett will be a bigger part in the next few

Chapter 1


he whined. "Because." I said smart alec-y, "Sam's gonna kill you if you're late for patrol.”” God. Thanks, you’re right.” “I know I am.” I said as he gave me the ‘you’re so stupid look’. “Hey don’t blame me when Sam tears your head off.” “True “Jacob replied. “He almost tore mine off for trying to fight with Paul.” I laughed. Jake got all serious. “You shouldn’t be fighting with Paul.” “Chill Jake, I just want one fight.” “NO!” He yelled. Trying to avoid the subject I said. “Patrol 30 seconds. MOVE MOVE MOVE!” “ Thanks sis.” He said as he ruffled my hair and ran out the door. “I HATE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT !” I semi-yelled so I didn’t wake Billy up. I walked over to the couch and fell asleep.
Next Day
“Baillie wake-up.” Jake said as he rocked me gently “You don’t wanna e late for school.” “I’m skipping.” I grumpily replied. “No you’re not.” “Yes I am. I got home at midnight and now it’s 6:30.” “No you’re not, I went out at 12 and got back at 5; now you’re going.” “No I’m not. You slept all day. “ “GET UP NOW.” “Or what?” “ Or I’ll dump a bucket of water on you.” “Fine But you have to clean it up.” I replied knowing that I had won. “I GIVE UP!” he shouted as he got in the rabbit and left.
“Ahhh.” I said as I stretched out. What a gorgeous day. I’m gonna go to Forks. CRAP! Jake took the Rabbit. Wait a minute. We have a bike now. Duhhh, so much better than a car.
It's georgous out, so I shouldn't run into any leeches today. I'm gonna go hiking. Now here's the question; walk as human or run wolf. Human is slower, but if I go wolf Sam might here my thoughts and make me go back. Guess I'll go human. I walked down the trail, and found thiswaterfall, surrounded by a meadow. It was all so full of life; with beautiful plants, and small creature scurring about. Hey, I know what your thinking... REALLY? Just beacuse I'm a tomboy doesn't mean I can't like little animals. Then I heard the crunch of leaves, All of a sudden the scent of bleach was immeadiatly burning my nose. In all of one second I turned aroung and landed on all fours. My beautiful red fur with brown tints glistened in the Sun. The vampired tensed up and crouched down into a fighting position, as I lowered my shoulders and growled. We both looked up, the proper signal to start a fight. As soon as I looked up I became momentarily paralysed. My senses had left me. OH NO! I imprinted . . . ON A FILTHY BLOOD SUCKER. Pnce I finally got back to my senses, I feigned to the side. "get home now Baillie!" Sam commanded. "You know we are short handed on patrol this week, with Quil and Embry being gone." I phased out and walked over to my bike and threw on the extra cloths in my bag. I started to wander aroun thinking about my life before I went wolf. I was a normal teenage girl, with a normal twin brother.
I was waiting for Jake to get back from his dat with that .i.t.c.h (Bella). I wanted to see what she had done to hurt him this time. That's when Sam and his group of Hall monitors on Steriods standing outside the house, in the woods, staring at me, I finally had enough of this. Jake kept telling me to ignore them, but I was done. Now that I know what happened I wish I had listened to him. I ran through the rain screaming "WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?HUH?" multiple times. I finally reached them "Leave us alone. Jacob and I are not going to join your cult. Just leave us alone, your scaring Jacob and quit frankly p.is.s. ing me off!" "Baillie calm down." Sam said in a monotone voice that made me want to hit him so bad. I was shaking at this point I was shaking. Sam looked at Paul, whho went for my wrists. I dodged and slapped him across the face. We were both shaking uncontrolably. "Both of you calm down. Baillie, come with us." Sam said with a voice full of authority. "No! I'm not going anywhere with you! Just leave us alone!" And with thatt I ran to the house. The same second I walked in Jake did too. He was shaking so bad it looked like he was convulsing. (at the same time) "Are you okay?" "NO!" "What did that b.i.t.c.h do to you this time?" I screamed/asked. "SHE'S NOT A B.I.T.C.H." he yelled. Then he phased into a wolf and left a scratch down the side of my left arm- a scar that I would bare for the rest of my life." That only p.i.ss.e.d me off so I changed into a wolf. Seconds later Sam and his followers walked in and dragged us out.
End of Flashback
Once I made it back to the bike I hoped on and speed down the highway to La Push. I was there physically, but my mind kept wandering to the handsome leech. The one with the curlly brown hair, and the strong muscular build. I finally made it home and put the bike in the shed. I walked through the door and saw Sam- alone. "What the h.e.l.l was that?!" he demanded. Still not liking Sam I asked "Where's Billy?" "The CLearwater's. Now I'lll ask one mor etime What the h.e.l.l was that?!" This time it was a command. I turned around, hands on hips, and said, "Met up with a leech. turned wof, saw him, got stunned, and then he ran off. I've got memory enough to prove it." I said with major attitude, glarring at Sam. Knowing he had nothing to say I turned around and continued making dinner for Billy. "Well umm... I guess I'll uh see you tonight at the nbonfire." Sam said sputtering out the words. I just smirked and said uh-huh. I replied as he walked out the door.


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