Read My Lips prt31-Finale

yayyy!!! ya hear that my lovely peoples?!??? THIS STORY IS EXTENDING!! meaning its gonna be longer!! how long? idk.....but its still longer :D

Chapter 15

Part 45 mysteries with non-naked cakes.

i stared back down at the envelope.

wondering if i should open it now or wait until later.


i looked back up to see Alice running towards me. she had a packet of balloons in her hands.

i quickly stuffed the red envelope into my purse.

"hey. thank you soo much for helping me." i told her, giving her a big hug.

"no problem. i owe you this anyways." she hugged me back.

we got stared on the balloons first.

"oowwww my cheeks hurt!!" Alice whined.

"at least we wont need botox when we'r older." i joked.

Alice gave me a weak smile.

"i would laugh if my cheeks didnt hurt so freaking much"

we began hanging the balloon in random places. some in trees, while others around the picnic tables.

"sorry im a little late." i heard nate say from behind me. his hair looked a bit tousled as if he were running.

i smiled up at him and gave him a kiss. "your not that late."

i started decorating the tables while alice went to get the cake and Nate got the rest of the food.

we all stepped back to survey our work.

this was perfect.

people started to show up. mostly children since it is Suri's party. i specifically asked her friends to bring her to the park right after school.

they should be here any minute.

"maybe we should all yell surprise right when we see her?" nate said. looking excited.

"good idea." alice said.

there was now a crowd of children everywhere. dropping off presents on the table as they went passed.

suddenly we heard laughter from far away.

'quick! its Suri!" alice whispered loudly. everyone quieted down.

"SURPRISE!!" we all yelled to a group of elderly women.

"Good heavens!" one of them yelled, her hand going to her heart.

"oops.....sorry.." i said after them as they walked away quickly.

Nate looked at me and started to crack up laughing.

"we almost gave them a heart attack!" he said between laughs.

i began laughing as well, and so did many others/

'whats going on..?" we heard a voice say.

i stopped laughing and spun around to see Suri's wide eyes looking around.

"SURPRISE!!" Alice yelled too late.

Suri was silent. her friends behind her as she came closer. she looked at everyone's faces. taking it all in.

she then looked at me.

"is all this.......for me?" she asked.

nate nodded."you like?"

Suri began to tear up. "like it? its the sweetest thing you guys have ever done for me!" she came up and hugged us both tightly. "Thank you!!"

"LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" Alice said raising her arms.

-------------------AFTER THEE PARTAYY------------------------

i dropped all the gifts onto suri's floor as nate put her to bed.

we all had a long day full of cake and loudness. it was almost 11pm

i threw myself onto my bed. my arms spread out, eyes closed.

suddenly i felt uncomfortable. i sat up and pulled my bag from under me. The Bright red envelope fell out and drifted to the floor.

i laid back onto the bed. not in the mood to get a paper cut.

just then Nate came striding in. he saw the envelope on the floor. the one i didnt bother to pick up.

"whats this for?" he asked me examining my name on the front.

"i have no idea." i rolled over to my side to look at him.

"are you going to bother and open it?' he sat down next to me, pulling my head into his lap.


nate laughed and shook his head.

"if you want you can open it and read it to me" i said sweetly, sitting up a bit.

he ripped it open and shook the paper to make it straight., he cleared his throat and began to read aloud to me.

Dear Kaitlyn .........

TBC :) Comment please!! hmm i wonder that the letter says......

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