Read My Lips prt31-Finale

yayyy!!! ya hear that my lovely peoples?!??? THIS STORY IS EXTENDING!! meaning its gonna be longer!! how long? idk.....but its still longer :D

Chapter 2

Read my lips prt32

when i opened them, i looked straight ahead.

somehow locking my brown eyes with deep stormy gray ones.

"Nate.." i whispered before running over to him.

he held out his arms and i jumped into them gratefully.

"i missed you...." he whispered into my ear.

"i miss you too." mouthed back,

knowing that i didnt need to speak loudly for him to know what im saying.

i loosened my grip on him and turned to see aiden and his father staring at us.

"im sorry...but i dont want to marry Aiden. i hope you understand that." i said to aiden's father.

he nodded. "its all right...i was just getting my hopes us that i will finally have someone right for my son. and by the way he talks about you, i figured it was for the best. i guess not." he sighed as he said this.

"what am i supposed to do with all of the wedding arrangements i made?" he asked his son aiden, who just shrugged.

he didnt lift up his eyes from the floor.

trust me i felt bad but there was nothing i could do.


.i brightened "Aiden, i have an would you like to go on a blind date?"

he looked up at me and shrugged again.

"i have nothing else to loose...." he stated.

i smiled knowing that this was truly flawless.

~outside Aiden's big a/ss home~

nate and i said our goodbye's to aiden's father who was entering his limo.

" im sorry for this kaitlyn, it wont happen again" he told me with a wiry smile.

i watched him drive off before i went to aiden who was standing on the front steps.

"get ready for your date ok? ill text you where to meet her."

he just nodded and went back inside with out a word. nate took hold of my hand and smiled at me.

"ready?" he asked.

i went up and kissed him gently.

"i am now." we got into his car and he drove us back to his house.


"KAITLYYYNNNNN!!!!!!!" a high girly voice screamed on the top of her lungs.

"hey suri!!" i squealed down at her and she clinged to my leg.

"where have you been?? i have soo much to tell you!!!! "

i smiled when i saw nate's eyes roll.

he pulled me towards the living room to where tiffany was sitting.

suri still attached to my leg.

she smiled as we walked in.

"i thought it was you at the door"

she hugged me and i noticed her wearing a red bandanna over her head....

i guess she started getting chemo

she tore suri off my almost numb leg.

i was about to sit down on the sofa when nate pulled me onto his lap.

he gave me a lopsided grin.

"guys, i have something to say" tiffany spoke softly.

her cheerful expression suddenly turned serious.

"the doctors confirmed that i need to be taken under hospital care....because the cancer has started to worsen."

nates body became ragged.

i felt him bury his face into the be back of my neck.

"tiffy?........." suri whispered unsure of herself. "does this mean you cant watch me at the recital?"

tiffany smiled at her "i dont think ill be able to sweetie....but you know that if i could i would."

i saw suris, cute face scrunch up, she was going to cry.

"but you promised!!!!!" she wailed before running up the steps to her


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