Read My Lips prt31-Finale

yayyy!!! ya hear that my lovely peoples?!??? THIS STORY IS EXTENDING!! meaning its gonna be longer!! how long? idk.....but its still longer :D

Chapter 3

part 33: YOU PROMISED!!!!! i wanna try somthign new xDD

tiffany sighed as we all watched suri run up the stairs. "suri, let me explain!!" she called after her while going up as well. leaving me and nate alone. i shifted in his lap so that i could see his face. surprisingly, he didnt look as if he were going to collapse. "i knew this was comming." he said to me in a dull voice. i nodded. not sure what to say.he continued." i just dont know what to do with out her ya know? she's like my second mother in a way........i dont wanna loose her too but theres nothing i can do...." he whispered those last words. i leaned into nates chest, him holding me. i looked up at him. "im here for you." i said,meaning it completely. nate smiled. "thank you." we sat there for a while, untill nate looked at the clock. "its getting late. want me to take you home?" i shook my head "my dad doesnt even know about me being kidnapped, and i dont want to explain anything right now......can i stay here?" nate smiled mischievously "i was hopping you'd say that." i laughed and stood up from his lap. and grabbed his hand. "c'mon, lets go check up on them." nate and i went up the staires getting cloe to tiffany's open door.

"tiffy....sniff you promised you'd watch me....." i whispered to my sister. she;s being soo mean!! "suri, baby, i want to watch you. really. but im sick and i cant.....but nate and Kaitlyn ca. and they can video tape you so that i'll be able to see you dance." tiffy looked hopeful. i thought about it.and gave in. "oookkk." i looked down at my pink shoes. "hey,...its going to be ok.....but you'll alaways have natey and kait wont you?" i half smiled at my big sister. lately she's been wearing a bandanna. i dont like it. "yeah..." tiffy smled a big smile "good." i heard foot steps behind us. i turned and saw nate standing there. he didnt look sad. maybe it was cuz kaitlyn was there with him. and he didnt wanna be a big baby. i ran up to them "ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO MY RECITAL??? its at 6 on saturday!!" kaitlyn smiled a pretty smile. "of course!!.......oh my!!"

i completely forgot about the set up date i put aiden on. i hurried back down the stairs to the phone. dieling her number in quickly. ring ring ring ......."hello?" someone said on the other line. i smiled as i filled her in on her blind date...........TBC

****i wonder who it is.....well again,, i dont wonder xDDDD but alot of you guys actually pay attention to what i write and you'd think it was pretty obvious....:D comment for the next part!!!

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