you find love when everything seems lost (part 12)

so here's part 12

dunno if it shows intro

thank you Paramore for you're awesom music so i have insperation! :D


Chapter 1

this isn't real...

by: iRoos
couple of weeks later

~Sam's P.O.V~
it has been a while since i started figuring out stuff about Edward
i still don't know anything, but i know more than in the beginning
-he didn't eat so he couldn't posibble be human, i don't know WHAT he is, but i'm gonna find out!
-i didn't say it outload but if i was right he knew it: i think he's a mind reader
now that i thought of it, that's kinda embarrassing because i thought of him kissing me alot of times when he was near me...
Edward chuckled and i looked at him 'what's so funny?' i was still trying to make him say he's a mind reader
he looked away 'nothing' he said
i sighed 'of course there's nothing...' he looked at me with a look in his eyes full of sorrow and said someting i couldn't really hear, it was like: 'i'm so sorry'
i just ignored it
he always did that when i was trying to someting out

at home
i waled in and saw my mom lying on the floor. for one mintue i looked at her, then I realized that she lay on the floor and i ran to her 'mom, MOM! what happened? MOM! wake up!' i stared crying, i couldn't help myself
i heard someone knock on the door but i didn't open it
i didn't care, my mom had to wake up
she couldn't.... die
i cringed
i heard the person comming in
and i passed out...

waking up
i slowly opened my eyes
the room i was in was classic and light, but not like a hospital, and the bed i was on looked new
i tried to get get up but cold long fingers pushed me back
'you have to lie down' Edward told me
i was shocked that was here
the last thing i remembered was comming home and i passed out for some reason...
it all came back: my mom lying on the floor, her face white and it looked like she didn't move, me crying...
'where is she?!' i almost elled at Edward
i was crying again
Edward looked at me and he wiped the tears away gentle
'don't cry, she at the hospital, my dad works there so she's in good hands' he said
i was so relieved i didn't even care where i was
Edward chuckled 'you're at my house by the way'
i looked at him, confused
he started to explain 'well, i came in after you didn't awnser the door and i saw you by your mom and when i wanted to help you, you passed out'
he looked concerned at me while saying that
'i'm not gonna pass out again' i promist
'good, you scared the hell out of me' he said, his voice didn't fit the way his was looked: his voice (beautiful as always) sounded teasing but his face looked wam and very sweet
he leaned in a bit and my hart pounded loudly in my chest
his face only a couple of inches away, i could smell his sweet breath, very strong, i've never smelled such a smell before: sweet yet not to sweet and all the most delicious smells in the world wrapped together, forming his smell
his lips almost found mine and i almost stopped breathing
'uhm, sorry to interupt but Carlisle has news' it was the little girl Marie told me about back then in the school canteen, of course i remembered her name: Alice Cullen
behind her was the tall guy with the honey blonde hair, if i remembered his name right it should be Jasper
i was curious and pissed at the same time, curious because i wanted to meet Edward's dad Carlisle, and i wanted to know the news he had
but i was pissed because Alice and Jasper disturbed my almost-kiss with Edward
Edward didn't look that happy either, but he didn't look at me so i didn't knew that for sure
'well, i think Sam can walk again' Edward smiled at me 'or do i need to carry you?' he was teasing me, i could hear it at his tone
'no, i can walk' and i got up from the bed

a man with gold blonde hair who looked like 23 the most stood in the middle of the hall with a face that looked to old for his looks
to worried and it looked like he was in pain
'it's not going very well with your mom Sam' he said, talking to me
i felt like i was gonna faint again
i grabbed Edward for support
'sorry, what?' i managed to say
it was like i was choking
'Sam, breath' Edward said, holding me tight
he probably already know what was comming
'you mother has cancer Sam' Carlisle said
My knees buckled, the whole room was spinning
my mother has cancer, she's gonna die was the last thing i thought before it went all black again
i only felt some cold arms around me, holding me tight



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