Chapter 1


i crossd my arms & waitd he sighd ..she was sleeping with ur cuzn & i stood by hr she wanted me to sleep wit her bt i told hr kno she left wit ur cuzn & gt bord wit him & went with mike newton..............i was at the cafe when u walkd in u were da most beautiful grl i had evr laid eyes on long brown hair, light brown eyes, and a killr body that had the most graceful walk imade my approach & well u no how it went from there..he said shooting a crookd smile @ me i smiled bak & said changinginto a full vamp.. ..u cant..he said ..i can &i am Edward i can feel it..then i gaspd in pain..pull ovr take me to the 4est now..i practically yelld srry i thot he was quik about it he pulld ovr & had me iN the 4est wit in a second i felt it come thru me my wolf spirit climb thru me freeing it self it felt a little lik getting a tattoo all ovr my body i hurt lik hell i collapsd 2 da ground and strtd cring as i felt the pain stop at my hrt i cud feel my wolf self leaving my body half myself was dying & iwas crying i had nevr cried in my life nevr it shod weakness & i wasnt weak if any thing i was stronger than edward,emmett,&jasper put 2gether i felt helpless as soon as i saw my wolf spirit come out it was so beatiful it lookd at me 4 a long time as i 2 say r u shur i nodded once &it disappeard i came 2 my sences then & gt 2 my feet i smild as i saw edward oggling me im asuming i look prtty now i thot..u hav always been mr than prtty Selena..Edward saidi ran to him & i gave him da most passionate kiss i cud giv as he movd his lips movd down my lips i wisprd..i love u.. he chukld & said ..of course ilove u mor i hope u kno dat.. not possibble i thot with a smile and then ..Well Well Well wat do we hav hear my ex and my enemy making out on the vry spot i gt 2 2nd base wit da grl she caught me wit i growld and thot lt me tear his head off no edward replied of corse nt i sighd ..Bye Sam leave it 2 u 2 ruin da moment.. Edward&i ran off hand in hand as we gt in da car & Edward asked..selena my one beautiful girl will u marry me.. i jumpd across da seat & kissed him is that a yes he thot my laughtr broke da kiss ..yess..i yelld as i began kissing again do u want 2 see the ring all i did was nod here u go he thot and handed me a box i opend it and was speachless u lik it it was my mothers.. it's beautiful i thot & huggd him ..mab we shud gt goin i want my parents to meet u..Edward said and i gt nervouse & tense...............

kk i hav the next one forming in my mind so comment plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<3

will bella sho up 2 skool?will carlisle and esme aprove? will da pak crash and brn evry thing? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im thinking about it

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