this is basically the guys version of Cinderella. info=

step family- mother, twins[guy and girl]{16}, younger sister [14] {nice}
looks- kinda like a robin hood, light brown curly hair, green eyes. wears ragged old clothes, is covered in soot
lives- 'fairytale land' jkjk but its kinda like that. its called Majipca [Mah-jiyp-kah]
job-when hes not working for his step mother and the twins hes working in the castle as a cook.

Chapter 1

Chapter one- My boring, slaving life.

I was sleeping. Having a peaceful dream about living in the castle and my step-mother having to work for me. Then i was awoken by the stupid servant bell. I looked up and saw that it was the one for Syrins room. I sighed and put my pillow over my head and screamed. After that i got up and went to her room. "What do you want now!?!" "Get me some breakfast. Im hungry." "Why dont you get it yourself? You got two legs and a heart beat." "Because my legs hurt. And my arms are tired. Just go get it." I crossed my arms. She raised her eyebrow. I sighed. "Fine. At least say please then." "Please get me my damn breakfast. Now!" "Whadya want?" "The usual." "Crepes it is." I walked over to the golf cart. I had to use it to get to the kitchen because it was on the other side of the house. Yeah, its that huge. Halfway there i saw Hunter. "Are you getting my sister breakfast?" "Yeah." "Get me a small bowl of fruit while your at it." "Whatever." I drove off and almost crashed into my little sisters lamb. "Mitsy!" She hurried over to it. I laughed. "You do realize its a guy right?" '.....So?" I laughed again. "Hop on. Im getting the brats some breakfast." She put the lamb in the back and sat beside me. "Why do you do what they tell you to?" "Because im too nice to not do what they want. Besides, i was 'blessed' that way. Remember." "Oh yeah. Alia Starsong. The fairy godmother that was asigned to you. She isnt that good. Well at least you're not THAT nice. Or else you wouldnt be fun!" We reached the kitchen and we both got off. Her braid caught on the wheel when we started walking. "Ow!" "When are you gonna cut your hair. You've been saved, brought back to us. AND you'll be marrying a prince when you're older. And you still havent cut off that braid." "I like it. Now can you please get it uncaught." "Fine." I got it untangled and we went into tthe kitchen. We started on breakfast. "Seriously, Rapunzel. Cut your hair." "My name isnt Rapunzel anymore. Its Mary. And i am NOT going to cut my hair." "Whatever." We got it all ready and went on the golf cart again. "Oh, no. Wheres Mitsy!?!" "You lost that lamb again!?! You seriously need a leash for that thing." "Whatever Allen. Lets just get these to the twins." "Yeah." We went and gave the twins their breakfast and ate in the kitchen. Then my step-mother came in. "I need you to go into town and get the things on the new shopping list." "Ok, Hydra. Right after i finish eating." "No. Now." I sighed and got up. "Fine." Mary jumped up. "I need a leash for Mitsy. I'll go with him!" "Fine." Hydra gave us a purse of gold pieces and sent us off. We headed out to the stables. "Horse, Pheonix, Grryfon, Bycicle, car or Pegasus?" "Pegasus!" We sadled the black Pagasus and left. We sailed around and flew over the castle. She pointed to it. "Some day im gonna live there." "Yeah. You'll be rid of the dragon lady. While i'll work for you and the prince. Happily ever after for everyone but me." "No. I'll take you with me. We can leave the others behind. This time, they'll work for you." "Uh huh....." I looked down at the courtyard. "Whos that?" I looked to see what she was looking at. "Oh, the queen, king and princess of Korentha's castle is gone. So now they have no home. They'll be staying here for a few years. The kings are twins. They couldnt stay with anyone else because our King was their only family. Theres gonna be a ball in a few days to welcome them here." "Really?" "Yeah. Anyone can go. But I'm not gonna go." "Why?" "The dragon lady needs me to clean the car and the stables that night." "Oh. Well I'll talk to her. Even if she doesnt let you go, i'll sneak you in." I sighed. "No. Its fine. Just gonna be a bunch of masked people chatting about whos better." "No really!" We landed outside the gates to the castle. "Im serious. I dont need to go. Now i need to work. You get the groceries and stuff. K?" She sighed and looked down. "Fine." She left then i grabbed her shoulder. "Meet me here when you're done." "I know." She ran off and i went into the courtyard. I saw the prince greeting his cousin. She was about my age. He saw me and ran over. "Is Rapunzel with you?" "No. And she likes being called Mary." "Oh yeah. Well, do you want to meet my cousin Juliet?" I shook my head. "No. I need to get to the kitchen. Later, K?" "Yeah. And then we can play soccer right?" I ruffled his hair. "Yeah. And i'll let you win again." "You're just saying that because i actually beat you last time." I laughed. "Well i seriously need to get going." "Ok." "Later." I ran to the stable and left Darren there [the pagasus]. I headed to the kitchen, but slipped on a pink slipper. I picked it up and asked if it was anyones. No one said it was theirs and i put it in my pocket. I got into the castle and a girl bumped into me. We fell and she was on top of me. "Oh, im sorry. I lost my slipper and i cant find it anywhere." We both got up, and i saw that she was the princess. I bowed then got up. She was pretty. As most princesses are. Her eyes dark blue and she had short jet black straight hair. Her dress was purple and she had a a crown made of daisies. "I found a pink slipper in the courtyard." I took it out of my pocket. "Would this be it, princess?" "Yes. Thank you. Please, dont call me princess." "Of course. What may i call you then?" "My names Juliet. Julie for short." I bowed. "Of course." I kneeled down and held out the slipper. She put her foot in it. "I fell like Cinderella." "But i am no prince. Now i must get to the kitchen. Good bye pri- Juliet." "Oh. Of course. Good bye." I bowed again and left. I was around the corner when i heard her parents. "Why do you insist on talking to non-royal people. They are unimportant." "That is not true mother. Without them we would die. Royalty like you are......... needy. If they werent there you'd have to do everything yourself. You wouldnt like that too much would you?" "But you at least have to be called royalty. Not by your name." "Now dear. She can do what she wants. She is almost an adult. One day she will take our place and rule our kingdom." I heard a sigh. "Your right. Well dear. Are you going to come with us? We are going for a ride through town." "No thanks. Im gonig to explore the castle." They left and i heard someone walking my way. I ran down the hall and through the secret passage way to the kitchen. When i got there i saw Pierre and Maria bickering. "No, tea is tea and scones. NOT Hot chocolate and muffins." "Im just saying Pierre. It would taste better for the young prince." "Wha-" I covered both of their mouths. "How about you make both ideas. See which ones more popular. Pierre, variety is good sometimes. But, Maria, the prince isnt the only one there. And he'd rather have apple cider and pudding. The chocolate kind with gummy worms in it." I uncovered their mouths and they grumbled and started working. They said they had it under control, so i went to play soccer with the prince. Halfway through i took off my shirt because it was covered in sweat. At the end it was a tie. I saw the princess coming over to us. "Nice abs." I blushed. "Thanks." "Hey Juliet." "Hello Zackariah." "This is Allen. He works in the kitchen." "Hello, Juliet." "You dont bow to him?" She gestured to Zack. "I've known him since he was born. Its different. I dont know you." "That can be changed." "No. You will be leaving in a few years. We will not meet again. There is no point." "You are so serious. Well good bye. I must leave. Its tea time. Zackariah, you need to come too." "But i dont want tea!" I leaned behind him and whispered. "Its better than tea. I told Maria and Pierre what you like." "Sweet. Later Al!" He ran off pulling the princess with him. I put on my shirt and went back inside. I decided to map out more of th undergroud city. There used to bea city here, but there was a horrible accident and everyone moved away. Now we're here. Its better now. Threres a way down there from the kitchen. I went down to the kitchen and saw Mary waiting for me. "Underground city?" I nodded and we headed down. After finding a new building and street we headed back up and left for home.

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