The Blood Appeal


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EEEEEPPPP!!!! NEXTIESSS!! Urgh, I hate the people that look down on Spencer :'( he's AWESOME!!! And soooo sweet :) Next!


Chapter 2

part 20



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Ooooohhhhh I really hate cliffhangers! Next plz and HURRY!!!!!!!!!



“Well,” Spencer shuffled around in his seat a little. “A while ago I was supposed to protect another half blood vampire. He was 6 years-old. His name was Freddy. I loved the boy. He was like a little brother to me, since I had none. But one day I got…mad. Sometimes I just get mad for no reason, or something bad just comes up in my mind and I lose control. I was playing trains with Freddy and I got mad. I flipped the train table over and broke all the train tracks. Freddy got mad and started crying. He yelled at me and ran out of the house. He walked out in the middle of the street and a car was going very fast. It hit Freddy before I could even begin running. Since that day, my family never trusted me, and I never trusted myself either.” Spencer said. He still hadn’t started the car.
“Spencer, it wasn’t your fault.” I said, not really sure of what to say.
“Yes it is. I was the one who got mad. I was the one who didn’t save him. I was the one who happened to be home when we found out about Freddy. I did everything wrong. I always do. I killed a 6 year old for crying out loud!” Spencer said quickly.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Even if you don’t trust yourself there will always be someone who will trust you.” I said grabbing his hand.
Spencer looked forward. “Oh yeah, who is that?” he asked, like he was afraid to hear the answer.
“I was afraid you’d say that.” Spencer snatched his hand from me.
“Spencer?!” He started the car and drove it very fast. He didn’t even seem to be looking at the road.
We finally arrived home. Spencer didn’t even offer to go inside with me.
“Do you wanna come in with me?” I asked gently.
“Just go.” Spencer sounded as if he was crying.
“Are you crying?”
“No. Just leave.” I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.
“You ARE crying!” and it wasn’t the most beautiful thing ever. His cheeks were a bright red, and his eyes were the same shade.
Spencer brought his legs up to his seat and shoved his head into his knees.
“Just go inside.”
“GO NOW!” He yelled. He sighed and sobbed as if he couldn’t believe he yelled at me.
“Spencer, you’re crying. I don’t want you to cry. I’ll stay with you until you quit.” I said grabbing his arm. He snatched his arm back.
“I don’t need your help.” He grumbled.
“Look, I want to help you. I don’t care how embarrassed you are about crying. Everyone cries. Even you. You’ve had the weight of Freddy on your shoulders for years. You pick now to let it out and I’m here to help you. Just drive me to CVS so I can get you some tissues.” I said. I can’t believe how nice and deep I can actually be!
Spencer laughed, but then continued crying. “Ok…I’ll drive you.” He whispered. I patted his back.
“Best friend.” I said with a warm smile.
He grabbed my hand. He said something under his breath that I couldn’t hear.
“What was that?”
He looked up at me.
“Nothing important.”
“Ok then. Get driving then.” I said. He drove off to CVS. I got out and grabbed a box of tissues and while in the checkout line, I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my leg. My vision became blurred. I started falling and the room was spinning. Finally, all I could see was black.

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