The Blood Appeal


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DEDICATION: RonniesDatingARebel

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EEEEEPPPP!!!! NEXTIESSS!! Urgh, I hate the people that look down on Spencer :'( he's AWESOME!!! And soooo sweet :) Next!


Chapter 3

part 21

DEDICATION: UnderATreeReading

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Thanks for tyhe dedication, but I still hate cliffhangers...

****************************************************************************************************I woke up to breath that smelled of sh!-t (SN: u hav NO idea how much I wanted 2 say dat!!!!) I looked to my side and saw the curly black head of Garret Lancaster. He was trying to suck my blood!! I tried to move my arms to push him away, but I couldn’t. He had me tied up. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t, I had tape over my mouth. All I could to was try to squiggle myself out of Garret’s grip before he actually sinks his teeth into me.
I pushed towards my left and I began to roll. I felt my phone vibrating in my jean pants pocket. It must be Spencer trying to find me. Too bad I can’t really answer now. I rolled and rolled, and soon enough I felt a rush of cold air on my cheeks. I was outside.
Garret was yelling for me to come back, which was kind of stupid. He’s a vampire, can’t he just use his super speed? Of course, Just as that popped in my head, the blasted vampire ran quickly towards me and held my tied of body.
“I got you now!” He said with a smirk.
He placed his mouth to my neck, and kissed it. It was a mystery of why he kissed it. He then opened his mouth and sunk his teeth into my neck. The pain was unbearable. The urge to scream was unbearable, but of course I couldn’t.
I last thing I heard was my name being called before I blacked out.

_Spencer’s POV~
I walked into the Half-blood killers head quarters, which was disguised as a carpet warehouse. I saw one of the garage doors were open and ran toward it. Garret was standing outside of it with his teeth sunk into Cassandra. I was about to let another one of them down. Not again. Not Cassandra…I love her too much to let her go. Tears began to stream down my face. I was to furious to bare it.
“CASSANDRA!” I yelled instinctively.
Garret looked towards me.
“Oh hello Spencer.” Garret said dropping Cassandra to the concrete ground. I saw her blackish-red blood splatter on the ground.
“Looks like your true love is going to die soon, because once the venom takes over her body and blood all over, she will drop dead.” Garret said, and finally he noticed my tears. “oh is the little boy crying because his little girlfriend is dying.” Garret said with a baby voice.
“Oh looks like he’s having a tantrum too”
“Oh honey, do you want me to get your mommy so she can hug and kiss you until you calm down? Looks like that’s what you need.”
That was the last of Garret that I could take. I ran towards him with all my might and threw him on the ground. I slammed his head against the ground until he blacked out, because, the truth was, he was a half vampire too. I was the only one who knew that. I knew that because he was the one who asked me to take care of his 6-year-old son. Garret was only 18 when he had his son and when we were friends. He had him with another half blood girl who died in child birth. That was why he wanted to get rid of any half bloods. It was too much to bare for him.
I got off of Garret and ran towards Cassandra. I quickly untied her. There was only one way to save her, and that was to suck all the venom out of her. I sunk my teeth into the holes Garret made and sucked the venom. I made sure not to lose control and kill her…Then I’d go crazy. When all the venom was finally washed out of her, she still wasn’t waking up and was still pale as the moon. Tears once again flooded my eyes and fell onto her body. She was going to die, that I was sure of. I looked down to put her down, then it clicked. She lost a lot of blood. I need to take her to the hospital!

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