Stay Strong

Stay Strong

This is A Story Written By Me, TeamJacob And HPalltheWAY!

Chapter 2

The 'Interview'

"Let me get this straight," Emma, the girl, said, "You had unprotected s** at a party because you were drunk?"
I was silent.
"Is that it?" Emma persisted.
I sighed. "Yes. That's it. It was my first time being drunk..." I trailed off.
The bus rambled on as there was more awkward silence.
"I know I'm, like, a stranger, but, um, could I, like, interview you?" She asked. Seeing my incredulous look, Emma quickly added, "Not for a newspaper or anything. Just you and me."
I hesitated. Should I really trust this girl I didn't even know? "Okay. What would you like to know?"
She beamed and asked, "Where were you born?"
"Right here in Florida." I answered quickly. I was twirling my long dirty blonde curls around my long, slender fingers. This meant I was nervous.
"Who are your parents?" Emma questioned. Of course she'd ask that question.
"My dad is Ethan McTogan... My mom is Brittany Benson. She left us when I was seven." I told her. The thing I always found strange was that I never really missed my mom. I doubted I would miss my dad either... but we'll get to that later.
"How old are you?" She asked, her electric blue-green eye scanning my long face. I noticed she was a punk. Her hair was dark red with white, black and purple streaks in it. It was one of those haircuts where it was longer in the front and back, but there was no hair on the side with a messily, chopped top and her eyes were lined with thick black, it's what it looks like, believe me, marker. Or at least it was that and eye liner.
"I'm sixteen." I answered easily.
"Only sixteen? Really? You look nineteen. Anyway," Emma continued, "When's your birthday? Mines October thirty-first."
Born on Halloween? I would never have guessed I thought sarcastically.
"I was born on the second of May."
Her outfit looked like a costume or one of the kinds you'd see at thrift stores. Her jeans were skinny, hot pink, had rips and a zebra pattern. Strangest pants I'd ever seen. Emma's tank top was black and had the name of a band I'd never heard of in red. I couldn't make out the name properly though, because of her dark purple sweater which covered most of the name.
"What's your boyfriends name and what's he like?" She asked like this was the question she'd been waiting to ask.
"Er, well, his names Dave, and, um, he's okay, I guess." I said sheepishly. "He's an alcoholic, though."
Emma's eyes widened even more than they had. "And you're still going out with him? Even though you have a daughter?"
"Yup." I was suddenly aware of what I was wearing; A lavender skinny strap, light blue skinny jeans that were ripped, I hadn't brought them like that!, and covered in dirt and a black sweater.
"Ooookay..." She sounded a bit disgusted, "What's your daughter like and how old she?"
"Lily's seven months. So far, she's quite the cryer. So far, my favorite feature of hers are her green eyes... my eyes." I said quietly.
The bus came to halt, and I realized it was my stop. "I guess this is bye?" It came out more like a question, though.
"Oh. Okay. Well, er, here's my number, er... What's your name?" Emma said.
"Ginny. Ginny McTogan." I told her.
"Cool. See you, I guess."
I smiled. "See you."
With that I hopped off the bus and watched it bump off in the other direction. Sighing, I turned to enter my boyfriend's apartment building. I stepped in inside the doors.

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