This is a story I started on my birthday, it's about vampires. (I'm obsessed) It's not finished yet, but tell me what you think.

Chapter 1

Red Moon

My name is Amelia Silver. I am a vampire. No, I do not turn to a bat, or sleep in a coffin. Five thousand years ago, darkness entered the world. And it still stays. Night never leaves. I believe I am the only living vampire on earth, but it is possible there are others. My only friend died many years ago, but I feel that he is still here, watching over me. His name was Damien. He was a strong, young man. When I first met him, all I wanted was his blood. But that changed. Now, enough about the past. Let me tell you about my powers, my strength, my speed. As a newborn vampire, I had average strength. I could run at the speed of an Olympics runner could. I had the strength of five men. And I could hear someone speak from 2 miles away. But now, at five thousand years old, I can run at the speed of light. I have the strength of fifteen men. And I can hear someone from a thousand miles away. I have two natural powers that I know of. One of them is seeing the future. No, I do not have weird visions or anything. The future comes to me in my dreams. And my dreams are always filled with blood. The second power is sensing lies. Whenever someone lies, there is a loud, and slightly painful ringing in my head. But I have no time to tell you more. People are constantly searching for me, wanting to kill me, or wanting me to make them like me. But most want to stay away from me, knowing how powerful I am. Now, enough talking. I have to go out and get some blood. I am incredibly weak. Normally I can go about a month without blood, though. I sit up and dust myself off, I have been living inside a cave, for it is the only shelter I have. I walk out of the cave, looking up at the shining stars. I smile a little bit, but keep on walking. No time to relax. I need blood. And I need it now. I look around, not a human in sight. I sigh. Now, when my thirst is at its worst, the humans choose not to hunt me. I rush into the dark forest, my long midnight black hair blowing in the wind as I do. I look around with my sapphire eyes.
I suddenly sense a human nearby, and rush to find him/her. Actually, it is two humans. A girl and a boy. The girl has curly brown hair, and forest green eyes. The boy has short blonde hair, and greenish-blue eyes. I do not think about whether or not they have people who care for them. I just sneak up on them. I jump into a tree, and leap from tree to tree, until I am right above them. "Tyler." The girl says to the boy, who is supposedly named Tyler. "What was that?" She asks. "I am sure it is nothing, Nikki." Tyler replies. "But…what if it is that vampire girl? She has killed millions!" Nikki says, worried. I am suddenly behind Nikki. "No. I do not kill." I correct her. "Not without a reason." I add. Nikki backs away, gasping. Tyler holds her. "A- Are you going to kill us…?" Nikki asks, a look of fear on her face. "No." I reply simply. There is a look of relief on her face when I tell her that, but she is still afraid. "I am just going to take a little blood." I tell her calmly. I walk closer and Nikki shakes. "Please…spare us. Or just bite me. Just do not harm my sister…" Tyler begs. I was looking forward to having both of their blood. But I am nice. I have a heart. And it is obvious that Nikki and Tyler had a bad past with vampires. Before replying, I look up at the moon, my dark blue sapphire eyes flash red for a second. "You care for your sister, correct?" I ask, still staring into the moon. Even though I am not looking at him, I notice a knife in his pocket. He could attack me right now with me being distracted by the light of the moon. But he does not attack. “Yes. I care for her very much.” He says silently and calmly. Nikki has calmed down, and she is no longer shaking. She is staring at me. Staring at my sapphire eyes, and thinking I do not notice her staring. I do not ask why she stares. Besides, I am used to it. "I could kill you both right now, and you would not even be able to do anything about it…" I pause. Nikki does not react. She just stares at me, she looks at me as if I was a princess. "But I would feel too guilty. I will not harm your sister. But I will have to take some of your blood, Tyler." I say softly. "But I promise, you will still be alive. I know how Nikki would feel if she lost her brother. I had a brother once." I mention.
"But, that was years ago." I add. I grow impatient, but, I am not going to bite Nikki’s brother in front of her. My eyes change to a deep red. Nikki knows what is about to happen. She walks off. I look up at the moon one more time. For a second, the moon appears red to me. I look down, and walk closer to Tyler. His eyes are closed, but he knows that I am in front of him. He can feel my presence. I slowly go to bite his neck, and he closes his eyes tighter. I gently bite his neck. He gasps a little, but then calms down. I am not planning to take enough for him to pass out. I pull away from his neck. He does not say anything. He is surprised I did not take much more. "Will I…change?" He asks. "No. You will remain human." I say, wiping his blood from my mouth. There is a small bloodstain on my long white gown. But I ignore it. My deep red eyes slowly change back to sapphire blue. He rubs his neck and looks at his bloody hand. "Does it hurt?" I ask. "Not much." He replies. I tear off a piece of my dress and wrap it around his neck. "That should stop the bleeding." I tell him. "Thanks." He replies. "It's nothing." I reply, then turn around, about to walk off. "Go and see your sister. She is probably worried about you." I say before walking off. "I will go do that." He says. "By the way…for a vampire, you are pretty kind." He adds as I walk off. "Thank you." I smile. Before he can blink, I am gone, and back at my cave. I am surprisingly tired, and I usually never am. I fall asleep a minute later, and this time, I do not dream of blood. In my dream, I am leaning against a tree, singing. I am singing a song I used to sing with my brother. "I will dream and you will dream, love is always far away it seems. Now it is your time to die, you now have the right to cry." I sang. But after I stop singing, an arrow is shot into my chest and I fall to my knees. Tyler is there, and he runs up to me, not knowing what to do. I wake up after that. I gasp. I walk outside, and I look up at the moon once again. It seems to calm me down. But I am not calm when the stars begin to fade. What is happening? I see the moon start to fade, also. Is night finally going to leave? After five thousand years? How is this possible? I suddenly pass out.

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