The School Year

The School Year

A story about school, let's see where it goes

Chapter 3

Yer sorry i'm no good with titles

by: _Ripple_
At first I tried to ignore the whispering voices. I told my self to believe that they were only in my mind, and eventually the voices seemed to fade. After a minute I started towards my class. But as i took a step forwards everything seemed to start spinning around me, i instantly started feeling dizzy and put a hand on the wall to steady myself. I tried to take another step forwards and the room seemed to spin faster. I heard the voices again, louder this time. Now I thought I could hear what they were saying, "Help us. . . Please help us" Suddenly the floor seemed to drop away from beneath my feet and all around me was darkness. I felt myself falling and I didn't know when I would stop, I couldn't see and ground, I couldn't see anything. Then suddenly, I felt the ground under my feet again, but I didn't know where I was.

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