In The Storm's Eye

Eh..I'm gonna try this out...This reminds me of something :(

Anyway,I don't really tell about my stories before they are read..So..enjoy.. :/

Chapter 1

Part 1:Chapter 1:Storm(Pic is Storm)

by: Sakui
Storm walked into the school slowly.Looking around at the plainly laden halls.The wall's were full of lockers,and the people were just as plain.She flipped her book open,and saw her locker number.She started to walk again,but ran into a girl carrying a stack of books. "Oh!I'm so sorry..." They bent down to pick up all their books,and by the time the got back up they had a conversation going. "Yeah,Science is that way,your locker is next to Timothy and mine." "Timothy?" "Just some kid." The girl looked her up and down. "He tries to stick out,but you do it so effortlessly.My name Is Melinda,by the way,what's yours?" "Storm..." "Storm?What a strange name...anyway,here we are." Storm opened her locker without a glance over to the locker next to her. "Who are you?" "Me?" "No duh,you're the only one I don't know here." Storm started to get angry. "Well?Tell me your name!" "Yukia Storm Misay" He stared at her. "Whaddya go by?" "Storm." "My name is Trinton...Storm is a...-" "I know!" Storm yelled over her shoulder as the bell rang.Melinda looked at Trinton. "That was different of you,Trinton..." Trinton rolled his eyes,and walked towards his next class..and the ground started to shake...TBC,maybe..(Probably not,I used this to learn all the features to this stuff.)

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