My Life for Someone Else: A Jacob Black Love story [5]

Ok, so they finally have a thing for people to make stories (finally) So I'm whipping my stories out in chapters instead of parts. It's no different. I might have to put a single chapter into more than one part cause y'all know how much I write ^_^ so here is the 5th "Chapter" so ENJOY!!! =D
Some people ask me why I put "you" instead of "she" or "I" and don't put a specific name, it's because I try not to make my quizzes race specific, so you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks

Chapter 1

Do you wanna know a secret?

You went home confused. Jacob was hiding something, but you didn't quite know what. You just called him. No answer. If he wasn't gonna answer his phone then he'd have to answer you face to face, and this time you weren't gonna just let him walk away. You went outside and it was raining a good bit and it was cold to say it was summer, but hey, it's LaPush. You didn't quite know where to go, so you just looked everywhere. There weren't many places that he could've gone. You walked near the place where you crashed your car, on the first night, no, the first HOUR you had it. After that your dad wasn't so quick to get you a new one. You heard leaves rustle behind you. It was beginning to get dark and things were getting all too familiar. You walked past the tree you hit and it had a dent where you hit it. There were a few pieces of car like broken glass and a little piece of the front bumper. You thought back and remembered that you had tried to miss a deer, but what was that white thing that had hopped on top of it? Before you could think about it too long you heard a low rumbling from the woods, it sounded like a growl. You saw two big yellow eyes between the brush on your right and it walked into the bit of light created by the full moon that night. You couldn't see too well because it was still raining hard but it looked like a pitch black wolf about the size of a horse. You knew that a wolf couldn't grow that big but you didn't care. You were paralyzed with fear but for some strange reason you were moving. You were running but your legs were numb. But you weren't running back down the street, you were running into the woods. As you were running, something white rushed across your path making you loose your balance, and something black followed it. You fell on the wet ground into a huge mud puddle. You tried to get up but something was holding the back of your leg and it burned. You turned around and saw a pale woman with fire orange hair biting the back of your leg. You screamed out in shock and pain. She turned to look at something and it was the giant pitch black wolf again and this time it was followed by silvery grey, chocolate brown, and russet colored wolves. Everything began to get blurrier and you leg felt like it was on fire. You cried and screamed for help until you backed out again. In a half conscious state you all of a sudden felt warm. Someone was carrying you but you couldn't tell who, but whoever it was warmed your entire body and you felt safe for a moment. He wasn't wearing a shirt, but his warm, wet skin smelled familiar, in a great way. You ended up melting to sleep.
You woke up with a bunch of bright lights in your room and instead of your head hurting, your leg was burning. Deja vu. But this time you weren't in the hospital, it looked like someone's house. You felt someone stroking your hair and you were surprised to see Jacob's deep set forest brown eyes looking into yours.He looked kinda sad. He kept whispering 'I'm so sorry, this is all my fault' half to himself and half to you. "Hey, she's up!" he yelled to someone else who you guessed was in the distance. Dr.Cullen walked in and you guessed that this was his house. It was pretty nice. "Is she going to be ok?" he asked Dr. Cullen. Jacob's eyes looked pained. "She'll be fine, her leg might be numb for a while, just keep her off her feet." "Thank you." You sat up. "What just happened?" you wanted to now because they were talking about you like you weren't even in the room. "Just lie dow-" "NO! You don't call me for weeks and when I DO finally talk to you, you just blow me off! What happened?!?!" "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." "Yes I would Jacob, just tell me why you were acting so STUPID and I will believe you." He thought about it for a second. "It's better if I...just come with me. Dr. Cullen, could you excuse us?" "Go right ahead." Jacob lifted you off the hospital bed and began to take you out side deep into the woods. He sat you on a log and it was still damp from when it was raining earlier, but you were muddy anyway from falling, so you didn't care. Jacob sat down next to you. "____, you know that I would never want to hurt you right? So, it would make it much easier for me if we just didn't see each other." "Well at least you could be a man about it but I don't need an excuse. If you don't want to see me anymore just say it, instead of avoiding me." "No that's not it." "Well what is it then, do you just wanna 'hang with your boys' or whatever?" "No. You know how I've been MIA lately? Well, I wasn't really sick, I kinda was, but not really..." "What?" "We've been out on patrol all night, so during the day we have to sleep." "Who is we? And on patrol for what?" "Me, Paul, Jared, and Sam. On patrol for vampires..." You gave him a questioning look. "Because I'm a werewolf. I was going through, I guess 'the change' and Paul was helping me with it and everything. It wasn't easy and I didn't plan on telling you, but after all this happened I kinda had to." He flinched back like you were gonna hit him, waiting on how you would respond. "You know what, I SHOULD hit you! That's the SORRIEST excuse I've ever heard! You could do better than THAT!" "I didn't think you would believe me." "Give me one good reason why I should, after all this lying you've been doing." You seriously couldn't believe HE would pull this. "Because I love you, and I wouldn't lie to you unless it was for your own good. I already got you hurt once." He looked at your leg and shivered, and it wasn't from the cold. "Prove it." "Hunh?" "Prove that you're a werewolf or whatever." "Right now?" "DUR!" Jacob shrugged, got up and walked behind a tree. You could see that he was taking off his pants and you got kinda weirded out. You heard a ripping sound and a low growl from behind the tree. A huge russet colored wolf slowly creeped out from behind the tree. It looked at you and started walking closer. Then it stopped and waited for you to do something. You've never seen a wolf up close before, especially not one this big. You were more curious than scared. You slowly limped over the the wolf and reached out to touch it's nose. It was cold and wet and soft. The wolf barred it's teeth, pulled it's head back and sneezed. The sneeze knocked you down and the wolf showed his teeth and a weird noise came from his throat. He was laughing, and it was then that you knew it was Jacob. You smiled. He knelled down and motioned for you to get on his back. "Are you serious?" He nodded. You didn't really want to, but you trusted Jacob, if you could still really call this wolf, man, thing, Jacob. You hopped on his back and planted your fingers deep into his fur and held on tight. He looked back at you with a sly and creepy grin, and with a jerk he took off running...[TBC]

Sorry this one wasn't as good. Personally I wasn't crazy about it, but it was late at night that I wrote it, so it was the best I could do...hope you sorta like it anyway =) And even though this says chapter one, it's still part 5


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