Stuck with him... {part 8}

Its here! Sorry it took soo long, school started, and i have no free time. Im sick today so i thought id type up this part of the long awaited story. Number 8! Bon appetite!

Chapter 1

Chad (Fighter)

"Well, its what?!" I begged
"Well, i kinda used up my college funds to buy us a house"
My mouth dropped down. I swear i felt the cold linoleum floor touch the point.
"Ur kidding right? I mean were still yung! We'll have bills!"
"If u dont wanna live with me i understand..." He sounded sad and used his puppy dogs on me. He knew i couldnt resist.
"Ok fine, we'll give it a shot." I smiled a bit and sat up, the pain not so bad.
"Yay!" He jumped up like a lil kid getting sum candy.
"Calm down. Help me up plz" He gently lifted me up from underneath my arms and put me on my feet. I wobbled a bit and he had his hands ready in case i fell.
"U ok?"
"ya" i said. At least i was already dressed.
The nurse then came in with my mom.
Oh snap! I thought.
"Chad" My mother nodded in his direction.
"Hey Clarrissa" He called her by her first name to annoy her. He smirked at me.
"Chad thank you for saving my daughter. Her injuries couldve been a lot smaller for my liking, but at least shes alive"
"Uh huh" he said.
"Mom" I just stared at her. Never really liked my parents.
"B, R u okay?" She had motherly concern in her voice. My eyes went wide. So did chad's.
"Y-ya im fine. Um did chad tell u about me moving out and stuff"
"Yes he did, i packed ur stuff in his car, and would u belive i cried while i did it. Im going to miss u hunny."
"Wow..." TBC

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