Stuck with him... {part 8}

Its here! Sorry it took soo long, school started, and i have no free time. Im sick today so i thought id type up this part of the long awaited story. Number 8! Bon appetite!

Chapter 2

Tyler (The Savior)

"2 weeks!" i yelled a bit. my voice was scratchy.
"Yeah ive been in this room for 2 weeks, and yes ive showered," he smirked, " And i go to get sum lucnh and i hear ur alarm go off. I dropped everything and ran here, sheperding the nurses"
"Wow, for me?"
"No for the wall. Of course u!"He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, taking in the paper gown.
"U should get changed before i get sum ideas." He smirked in his cute, boyish way.
"Yeah i should"I sat up, the pain dizzying but i blocked it out. "Tyler against the wall. Close ur eyes, and no peeking"
"U took the fun away!" He got up and did what I told him.
"i inched off the bed and stood up wobbling but catching my balance. I walked to get my bag and grabbed the two openers that showed my butt and closed them. Never trust Tyler. I walked into the bathroomand locked the door. Painfully i got changed into a purple blouse and black skirt that went to my knees. I wore my bright red converse sneaker with the oufit. It took me at least 6 minutes.
I walked out and tyler was sitting on the bed. he looked at me and said "Crap"
i linped a bit but i walked fine. He stood up as i walked to put my bag on the windowsill.
Before i turned around, he put his arms around my waist and his chin at the hollow of my neck. He smelled of his Usher colonge.
"U look nice: He breathed in my ear. I shivered a bit. He turned me around and I leaned my forehead on his. Hhe leaned toward me and our lips met... TBC

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