Under Age & Out Of Control (15)

Chapter 1

With Knives & Pens We Make Our Plight..... What If It Fails?

Especially from Paige and her gang. I walked in the doors. I held my head high despite the stares I got. My small group of friends was standing around our lockers like always. I was walking to join them when Paige stepped out in front of me. "Decided to be a boy last night I see." She said sarcastically with her arms crossed. "No. I was taking the place of a friend that was hurt. You wouldn't understand because your too selfish." I replied trying to keep my cool. "Really? At least I think of my families valuable reputation before I go and do something stupid but you wouldn't know because your family only has a bad reputation." She spat. "You do something stupid everytime you open your mouth!" I exclaimed. She looked at me with pure hate in her eyes. "Go ahead. Tell everyone about how you and your gang beat me up down by the bridge. Tell them about how you tricked me!" I said. Everyone gasped in shock and started whispering. "You wanted a name, Paige. Well, dammit, here you go. You want everyone to see your bad, show 'em. Tell everyone, even my parents and the police about telling me there would be ''no one'' there but me and you and you freakin' ambushed me with a baseball bat. You beat me within an inch of my life. You left me for dead. What kind of name do you think that would give you then, Paige? How would you like for me to tell the police and let them put you and your gang in jail for attempt? I kept my mouth shut! Why? Because I feel sorry for you. Everyone of you. I feel sorry for you because I realize you have nothing more to your life than to judge people and make fun of them. Your more worthless then I am. Enjoy your name, Paige because you have helped drive me the rest of the freakin' way insane!" I exclaimed loudly. Everyone looked at me. Shock on everyone's face, even my friends. I had reached my last nerve. I had literally gone insane. "I am so sick of you teasing everyone for no reason! Don't talk to me anymore unless you have something nice to say." I said. Someone started clapping then the whole school echoed with the sound of people clapping. I half smiled. I walked down the hall to join my friends. The looked at me. They smiled at me then busted out laughing. "What?" I asked. "When you lose it, you freakin lose it!" Skylar said. "When I've had enough, I've had enough. She caught me in the wrong mood today." I said. "Before I let you get any further, you do know Brian is christian right?" Monica asked. "Yeah. Wait, what?" I stopped and looked at her. "I just cussed Paige out in front of everyone." I said in total shock. "Yeah. And he was standing like right behind you." She pointed back towards the doors. I wouldn't look. I blushed bright red. I looked at the floor. "He's coming so you better get ready." Monica said. "No! Let me hide!" I said.
~2 Weeks Later/ A Party~
I was with Monica, Skylar, Addison, Chrystal and Lilly at a party. The music was playing loudly and people were getting drunk.
If your wondering what happened in the last two weeks, me and Brian started dating. I was happy but I wasn't complete. Damion still wasn't talking to me. I seen him around school and all a lot but the burn was still there. We never looked, we never spoke, we never even waved.
Brian hadn't kissed me yet but we were crazy about each other. He wasn't with me tonight. He was gone somewhere with his parents.
I didn't know where any of my friends were. We were scattered everywhere and it was a very huge mansion. Very, very huge. I was standing in a hallway alone. I looked out over the sea of people and saw Damions sweet face. He was searching the crowd for some reason. I guess he found a girl friend. I don't know why that would bother me. I had a boyfriend. I couldn't expect him to wait around forever. I had drank a few so I was a little buzzed or something like that. I pulled my knees up to me and wrapped my arms around them and rested my forehead on my knees. I was getting bored because I knew only a few here and the few I did know were God knows where and one was p!ssed at me. "Close your eyes and stand up." I heard an unexpected voice say. It was Damion. I closed my eyes and stood up. I swallowed the lump in my throat. What did he want me to stand up with my eyes closed for? "Just stand still." He said softly. I couldn't see him but I could feel his breath. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. It wasn't strong. It was a very weak scent. I had probably had more to drink than he had tonight. His lips found mine. His sweet kiss consuming everything in me. I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck as he he slowly wrapped his around my waist. I couldn't unlock myself from around Damion if I had to. I wanted to ask why but I could get away from his sweet kiss long enough. I couldn't let go long enough.
We traced the wall until we found a door to a room. I opened the door without breaking the kiss. Clothes started flying everywhere. I wasn't sure where and I wasn't very worried about it. I pulled Damion closer as I laid back on the bed. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn't stop. It was a desire. Damion ''was'' my desire. A burning, aching, lustful desire. He sent chills down my spine. I couldn't help but want him even more then what I had at this moment. It was strange because he had only said a few words to me and here we were now. Closer than ever. On a bed in someone's house. Him kissing down my neck making the flames of desire burn higher. My parents were going to ground me for life when they found out about this but of course, they didn't have to know. They didn't have to know their little girl was now officially a woman. They didn't have to know anything. They would only know that I love Damion with a burning desire that could burn the world. No one had to know about this.
But what if this was a nightmare? What was going to happen?
I woke up with Damions arms around me. I smiled because I knew it wasn't a nightmare. He kissed my cheek then started kissing down my neck and shoulders. Then it struck me. "Crap!" I exclaimed jumping up with the covers wrapped around me. "What is it?" Damion asked. "This is wrong! I cheated on Brian!" I answered. Hurt ran over his face for a second. I grabbed my clothes and started putting them on. Damion stood up and put his jeans on. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I won't tell anyone so you won't get in any trouble." I said starting for the door. He grabbed my arm and stopped me. I looked at him with tear filled eyes. "Please stay." He said softly. "I'm sorry." I whispered. He let go of my arm and I ran down stairs. I only saw Skylar. "There you are!" She said. "Where's everyone else?" I asked. "They all went home this morning. Monica wanted me to stay behind and look for you." She explained. "Ok. Just please get me out of here." I said. "Ok." She agreed.
Brian was sitting outside my house when we pulled up. "Thanks, Skylar. I owe you." I said opening the door. "No problem. I'll see ya later." She said. I got out and shut the door. She pulled off and I walked over to Brian. "We need to talk." I said. I was breaking it off with Brian right here, right now. "Yeah. That's what I came here for." He said. We started to say something at the same time. "You go first." I said. "Ok. Well, my dad got called out to North Dakota on the edge of Canada..." He trailed off. "And you think it won't work and we should break it off." I finished. "Yeah. I'm sorry, Bri. I hope we can still be friends." He said. I nodded. "Yeah. Its ok. I wanted to talk to you about that. I'm glad we came to an agreement about this." I said. Then my stomach felt like it turned completely upside down. Thankfully my mother had planted bushes outside of the house and that was perfect...almost. "Are you ok?" Brian asked. "Yeah. I just ate too much this morning." I lied. I knew exactly what it could possibly be.
I called Monica. Tears in my eyes and my voice breaking in places. "Hello?" She answered. "Monica. I need you to do me a favor." I said. "Sure. What is it?" She asked. I told her what I needed.
Monica came up to my room and handed me the brown paper bag. I was shaking horribly from nerves. I started in the bathroom when Monica stopped me. "Whatever the results are, Bri, I'm here for you." Monica said. I nodded.
I took the test and waited. I looked over at the test.


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