Hero In Training Heights

Hero In Training Heights

Ok I just love super people movies like X-Men, Push and Sky High so i desided to write a story about this camp of super powered kids and how their day-to-day life would be like at this school (H.I.T.H) in or outside of it.

Chapter 1

Stalker in my Bed

I was awoken by my alarm beeping, but as soon as it started it stopped. I thought nothing of if. Mike Cooper (a tall, muscleculer, red head, who has so much electricity in his body that when he goes by a batery oporated object it malfuctions until he passes by) walked past my dorm room. I turned on my side and cuddled with my cylinder pillow when i heard a fimillary voice right in my ear.
"Why do you cuddle with something stuffed, if you can cuddle with a real person?"
I jumped a littleand sat up. "How the hell did you get in my dorm? The door is locked and Im on the fourth floor." I yell at the at the sixteen year old with shoulder length black hair.
"My powers allow me to rearrange my molecules so I can withstand anything." he said smugly.
"Am I supposed to be impressed..." I ask standing up and throwing the pillow I was cuddling with at him. Too bad he rearranged his molecules and it went right through him.
"Ow." he said smiling. I glared at him. "Aww Kit Cat don't be like that. You don't have to glare."
"I hate it when you call me that." I mumbled.
"I know." he said smirking.
"You fell through the floor didn't you?"
"I phased for your information."
"No you fell. You fall onto your floor, which happens to be my ceiling and you 'magically' fall through the floor and land on my bed and I'm stuck in an awkward situation with my stalker in my bed." I said. He laughed.
"Stalker?" he asks. I nod my head. He frowns. "I don't think I'm a stalker. I don't go through the floor and or ceiling on purpose." he said shrugging.
"Oh zip it Jer." I said. His real name is Jeremiah Somber. "Now go away, I have to get dressed." I say.
"Oh alright. Call me if you need me." he said winking. He ran out of my room through the wall of course. Thats Jer for you.
"Ew." I walk over to my dresser and get out my jeans and my school t-shirt. It said "Hero In Training Heights" I pushed the drawers shut and looked at my reflection. My blonde hair was a mess, my violet eyes were lifeless without sleep. I put my jeans on and the tee and brush my hair. Then I pull it back into a low ponytail and let my bangs out. I grabbed my notebook and put it in my bag and my textbook as well. I turned off the light and left my dorm. I walked down the hall to the school elevator. The doors were golden and had our school emblem on the door. H.I.T.H (a.k.a Hero In Training Heights). The door opened and I walked in. My friend May was there, but she prefers to be called "Bubbles" and just don't ask why. Her hair starts to flame and its not a pretty sight.
"Hey Cat! I've been waiting in here for AGES! Is everything okay? You didn't show up when you normally do. OMG HI BRAD!" she exclaimed as this guy who lives on her floor walked in. He only nodded and made his eyes get bigger like when you do when you think someone is a weirdo. Don't lie, you've done it before. Then she turned back to me and stared at me with big red eyes.
"My personal stalker was in my room..." I said. She gasped.
"We're having meatballs for lunch today! I completely forgot!" she said smacking her head.
"Bubbs...did you hear me?" I asked. She stared at me again with her big eyes
"You have my full attention." she said.
"Okay...well like I was saying, my own personal stalk-" I started but then Jer walked in.
"JEREMIAH!" Bubbles said. I rolled my eyes and laughed.
"Yeah hey firework." he said. May's hair caught fire and her eyes got even redder.
"It's Bubbles. I hate firework! I HATE IT!" she said balling her fists and letting the ashes fall to the floor. Than her hair goes back to her normal pink. She sighed and looked at me. "Say, you have any gum?" I laughed and handed her a piece of ZING. "WOAH! ZIIIIIIIIIIIING!" she grabbed it peeled off the wrapper and stuck it in her mouth. She squeezed the wrapper and it caught fire and burned to ashes. She chewed the zing and you could her a poping sound.
"What's that noise?" I asked looking around.
"It's my mouth silly! Look!" she opened her mouth and the gum was there, sparking in her mouth.
"That's abnormal." Jer said.
"You're one to talk, molecule boy." I said and shut May's mouth with my hand. She smiled and her gum sparked away. You know what I just realized? Why gum is banned from classes.

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