How Did I Fall For You? (Christian Beadles Love Story Part 5 )

Okay so in this chapter Megan//You go on a date with Cristian Beadles! And more lol. Enjoy!
I'm so excited when all this new stuff on Quibblo! How about you?

I don't know if I have mentioned this or not but it's Summer...

Chapter 1


We got into the limo when I said, "So,where are we going?" He chuckled, "Somewhere nice." He said. "Thanks for the help." I said sarcastically. "Anytime." 15 Minutes Later Now Christian was helping me out of the limo, and as I got out I saw the most exspensive restraunt in town:Smokey's. (Don't ask) "Christian this is very nice but it's too exspensive really." I said. "No it's fine I've got about 100$ from my mom." "Okay.." I said. After we ate and got back in the limo he said. "And we still have one more thing left." He said and smiled showing his braces. "You don't have to Christian." I said. "I want to." He said. I sighed. He put his arm around my shoulders. I looked down and smiled. A few minutes later we arrived at this little park. "Aww, this looks like the same one we played at when we were kids." I said. "That's because it is." He is . "No way!" I said and jumped out of the limo. He was right with me in a flash. I went to the swings and was swinging when Chris took the one next to me and started swinging. "This is nice." I said. "But this is even nicer." He said. I was confusing. He started leaning in..Oh boy! I thought. I leaned in too and we..Kissed. When we stopped I said, "Yeah that was definalty (Sp?) nicer." "Agreed." He said. "We should probably head out." I said. I jumped off the swin in mid-air and took his hand. We got in the limo and he took me home. When he dropped me off Justin was in the living room watching "Untamed and Uncut" I walked in all smiles. He saw me and said, "Hey whyare you smiling huge?" "Somebdy named Megan got their first kiss!" I said. "Congrats." He said. "Yeah I'll be back." I said going into my room to get in my pajamas. I looked at the clock and it was 10pm. I ran into mom and dad. "Hey!" I said. "Hello Megan.How was your date?" Thy asked. "First he took me to Smokey's and then to a park and we kissed." I said out of breath. "You got your first kiss?" Dad asked. "Daddy! Don't be so protective." I said. "Fine." He said and patted my back. "Now go change." My mom said. I nodded and went to change into

I walked back down to the living room ith my laptop. I was checking Justin's singing Video of me ad it had almost 1,000 hits. "Justin?" I asked. H turned to me. "Yeah?" "I get to meet Hailey tomorrow right?" I asked/ "Sure." He said.

Tomorrow morning I woke up and got dressed in:

I put my air in a high pony tail with a black headband. And headed downstairs.

When I got down stairs I saw a really pretty girl. "Morning Megan." Justin said. "Hailey this is my sister Megan. Megan this is my girlfriend Hailey." Me and Hailey shook hands and talked. "I gotta go use the bathroom so I'll be back." Justin said. I sat next to Hailey and said. "Just so you know if you do hurt Justin I'll hurt you worse, and if your using him for fame,you don't even wanna know what's gonna happen. Also I mean no harm but I will if you do those things." She nodded. "I would never anyway." She said. I went in our kitchen and grabbed some poptarts.-I love poptarts- I gave one to Hailey. Suddenly I heard my phone ring. I ran upstairs to my room and anwsered my phone almost dropping it.

?: Hey Megan!
U:Who in the heck is this?
U:Hey! What are you doing?!
R:Visiting the one and only Bieber's resident tomorrow and staying for a week.
U:No way! Did Justin know?
U:You little...Words I can't say..
T.B.C. Hope you enjoyed. Hailey you'll be in it more on the next chapter!


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