The Wolf Pack: Pierce Call*

The Wolf Pack: Pierce Call*

Hey I want to rename Pierce's imprint, any idea's? Pleae tell me! I need your help! So until I come upon a name I like or love, he will be called Kon. Hope to hear from you soon!

Chapter 1

The Change Sets In

All my life I've lived Washington State, Seattle to be exact, and I had family in La Push, who I was spending the summer with. My average day was hanging out with my cousin Embry and his friends. It wasn't the same like back home, every one knew every one and everything... almost. Well anyways, sometimes Embry and them were busy doing something I decided to start jogging. That's how I met Kon.
Right now I was sitting outside on the porch watching nature... okay I was spacing out but, that sounds better, right?
"Pierce!" called Kon as he ran up the stairs to me and sat on the bench across from me.
"Hey, what's up?" I asked,
"Nothing much, just bored. Thought I'd come and hang out with you,"
"Cool, I sitting here all bored too, spacing out," I said with a small laugh.
"You want to go swimming?"
"At the pool?" I shook my head, "nah I'm gonna hafta pass,"
"No I'm talking about the river,"
"Oh... well, let's go!" I said with a laugh and went to get a towel and a pair of shorts.
We got to the river and jumped in right away. It was so cold! We swam around and splashed each other and before we knew it, the sun was setting. We got out and dried off before we walked home.
We walked into the house and Embry and the guys were there.
"Where have you been?" Embry practically yelled
"Kooli, I was just swimming with Kon," I said.
"You could have left a note! No one knew where you went, my mom was worried!"
"Well, I'm here now and stop yelling. Nothing happened,"
"Well, think what could have happened,"
"What? I was with Kon! No one would mess with me if he's around!" I said, and that was true, who would? Kale was six foot two and strong. The only one's that could and would were in the house right now. Sam's pack as they are referred to. Why? Because they follow him like puppies for some reason.
"You never know what's out there," his voice grew darker, "Besides, you never know who you can trust," I knew Embry didn't like Kon but, I didn't know why.
"Whatever. If you don't mind I'm going to go talk to aunty," i stormed into the next room and fell into my aunty's arms.
"I'm sorry aunty! I should have told you where I went,"
"It's okay. If anything Embry was more worried than me," she said with a small laugh.
"Why though?" I asked, she sighed and ran her hand through my hair like momma used to.
"He went through some things a year ago and learned somethings. He's worried that you might get hurt,"
"But I have Kon," I whispered.
"I know but, there are things Kon can't protect you from," she said, looking at him. I hadn't realized he was still here.
"What did Em go through last year?" I asked using my nickname for Embry.
"You should ask him," she let me go finally and I went to my room to vent to Kon before I talked to Em.
"Why does Em and them hate you?"
"Because I refused to join them. I didn't want to go in alone with no one I knew. I told them that even. They took it to mean I didn't like them but, I didn't want to be the loner of the group, doing what Sam said,"
"Why's they want you to join?"
"Because... you see how I have the same stature as them right? Tall, strong, all that stuff. Well there's a reason behind that. I'm just like them just not officially I guess,"
"What would that be?"
"Ask Sam and Embry,"
"maybe I should do that know since that's the second time I've been told to talk to Em," I said with a sigh. Kon got up and hugged me before he left, his hug warmed me right up, literally. He runs a higher temperature than me all the time.
I walked into Em's room and knocked on the door as I walked by it. He looked up at me from his bed. He had been sitting there studying.
"Hey," I said softly. He nodded his head at me.
"What's going on with you? You used to nice and care-free. Now you get upset easily. Are you on steroids? That wouldn't surprise me seeing how you changed so much in two years," i joked, he looked at me and forced a smile on his face.
"Your right it's just things have happened and I needed to get in better shape,"
"Kon said something about how you guys wanted him in you little pack cult thing. Why?"
"It's a pack and we wanted him because he was going through the same changes as me, and like the others did,"
"What is this change I keep hearing about?" then all of a sudden I felt sick, like I was getting a fever, I felt like I needed to puke. Embry noticed it too.
"No. Not you too! NO!" he yelled. Aunty and uncle ran into the room and saw me sweating and curled in a ball.
"Another girl? But... why Pierce? She wasn't born here unless... " said uncle.
"I think she's getting attached to La Push. It is odd that we got another girl... one was rare enough but two?" said aunty. Then I passed out.
I woke up in my room and saw Sam's pack all piled in my room. From Sam himself to cheery Seth.
"What's going on?"
"It's almost time to tell you the secret you want to know," Sam replied.
"Do you think Kale will come now? I mean he is friends with Pierce and all and that was his condition," said Jacob.
"Kon. Where is he?" I asked.
"KON! Get in here! She wants you!" Embry yelled. KON walked in, obviously in no hurry but, I saw the worry in his face. I sat up and felt a little light headed.
"Hey Pierce. I guess the secret found you?" KON said. I looked at him and felt even more light headed, i felt overwhelmed by his presence, I felt I needed to be seen by him, to please him by doing whatever it took. I felt my breath was taken away and that I wasn't held to earth because of gravity but because of Kon. I couldn't find my voice for awhile.
"What is the secret?" I finally said, tearing my eyes away from him.
"Your a shape shifter. A wolf shape shifter to be exact," said Seth
"Okay... but why are you all in here?" I asked,
"We wanted to be sure you weren't just sick but, it's obvious your changing," Quil said.
"Oh," I said, "wait! I'm a wolf shifter? I don't believe you guys!"
"You've been out for three days and we sense the wolf inside you," Sam said.
"Come on, you need fresh air, you seem a lot better then yesterday," said Kon.
"Are you crazy? She is still sick! She still needs to get used to the changes!" Embry panicked. But I trusted Kon so, I stepped out of bed and walked outside, the fresh morning air felt nice and cool. I took a step into the wet grass, I guess it rained last night.
"Pierce get inside, NOW!" yelled Embry. I ignored him and slowly took steps towards the forest. I heard Em come towards me but, Sam and Kon stopped him. I felt this pull to towards the wild, an urge to run. My pace slowly got faster and then I leaped, I felt my body change and landed on all four... paws? I didn't stop though, I kept running, going where? I don't know nor did I care. I felt free! I felt healthy again. I felt... a presence.
"Hey Pierce! Slow down! I want to catch up!" it was Kon... in my head! I panicked. I stopped and looked back to see a black and white wolf behind me.
"I can hear your thoughts! Why though?" I asked.
"Your the one," he said. I looked at him as he sat down in front of me.
"Like... your soul mate?" I said slowly. He nodded his head yes.
"But it's more like imprint. I didn't choose but, I'm glad it's you," he said. So he felt the same way for me. We turned into our human form again and he hugged me. We leaned in for a kiss but, Embry and them came into view.
"I knew they were dating!" Quil said. I rolled my eyes.
"We're imprints," i said simply. They all looked at each other,
"You already found your imprint? You haven't even been a shifter for a full day!" exclaimed Seth.
"She works fast," Quil joked. I rolled my eyes and let Kon go.
"Well Kon is a shifter too, so they've been imprints for awhile," Sam said, in a mtter of fact tone of voice.
"Speaking of which. Kon if Pierce joins us will you join?" Jacob asked.
"Yes," he said simply, taking my hand in his.
"So Pierce, will you?" asked Leah, speaking up for the first time. I liked Leah even though she's bitter at times. I though hard about this but decided quick.
"Yes," i said. she smiled at me.
They took me and Kon to a tattoo shop and we got the mandatory tattoo on our arm.
We went to the beach and just sat around, too tired to go swim so we made a bonfire. I looked around and remembered that the pack didn't like Kon now, their all sitting around laughing. I smiled and leaned my head on Kon and closed my eyes. I felt the warmth of Kale and heard the crackle of the wood in the fire.

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