My Songs (A Nick Jonas Love Story)

each chapter will have a song for it's title, so i'd recommend you listen to it while you read. The main character is Andrea, with her BFF Emily. Plus, October 10th is my birthday and Andrea's


Chapter 1

Stop the World - Demi Lovato

by: kiera97d
Written: October 3rd, 2010
Date of Story: October 10th, 2010

Holy crap. I'm so scared. I'm in the tatoo parlor with Emily, and she`s conforting me. I`m getting a tatoo today, my mom let me for my 17th birthday. I`m getting one like Taylor Swift`s on her foot, a heart on my foot.

It`s all over. And I`m so amazed at how it turned out! It looks like i drew it with a sharpie marker, but it's not. "Andrea, do you know how cool that is?!" Emily said to me. She can't get a tatoo. She tried getting one before, and her skin broke out in rashes all over her arm (where it was at) until the tatoo was removed from her skin by a doctor.

So, we were driving down Melrose avenue on the way back home (Emily lives with me, since her parents divorced and both left California, and she wanted to stay) and for some reason I wanted to stop in this designer store. I pulled into a parking space, got out, and Emily followed. Once we were inside, she fell in love with this designer's style in clothing. Too bad we can't afford anything. I was browsing through a rack of beautiful shirts, when a group of boys walked in. It's a women's designer store, so I didn't pay attention to them, they are probly trying to find clothes for their girlfriends or something. But I couldn't help listening to them, they sounded so familiar. I kept looking at clothes, but i heard them say the names 'Nick' and 'Kevin'. After someone said, "Joe, Danielle wouldn't like that. I would know, she's my wife." Then it hit me. I look around and on the other side there were the Jonas Brothers, looking at necklaces and bracelets and rings. I grabbed Emily's arm, and she screamed, "What's your problem?" I shushed her and pointed in the boy's general direction. Her eyes popped from their sockets (literally, of course) and we peeked from behind the rack. We listened to their conversation:
Joe: I seriously mean it, she'll like this. (holding a necklace up)
Kevin: I don't think so, she doesn't like beads.
Nick: Why are you buying your anniversary present so early? It's the middle of October." (their anniversary is December 19th)
Kevin: I might as well get it now, while we are in L.A. This is her favorite designer!

After a while, Kevin picked out a beautiful necklace for Danielle, and they started walking toward the entrance, close to where we were. Emily started freaking out, and we stood up, pretending to look at the jeans nearby. But I want to meet them, Nick is one of my role models, along with Taylor Swift. Then someone bumped into me and I fell. They didn't bump me hard, it's just I'm clumsy and my foot hurts from the tatoo. "Are you okay?" the voice asked. They held out a hand, and I took it and they helped me up. "I didn't think I bumped into you very hard, I'm sorry." They said. I looked up and locked eyes with Nick Jonas......TBC

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