A Ferbtastic love.

Ok. So the info is right down there\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Name-Fyra Miracle
looks-dark brown eyes, dark brown hair down to the middle of her back

Chapter 1

New things.

"So, where are we moving?" "Danville." "Oh." I sat in the back reading my book. We used to live in New York. But we had to move because my mom got a new job. Im an only child, for a few months. My moms pregnant, i think she said its gonna be a while before it came. "How long will it take to get there?" "A few hours." I sighed and went back to my book. After i was finished it ia few hours had past. "Are we there yet?" "Look over there sweetie!" I looked at where my dad said to look. I saw a town. "Is that Danville?" He nodded. "Sweet. Where we living?" "The tri-state area." "Cool." Once we got there i looked in the back. I saw a shed and had an idea. "Mom, dad? Theres a shed in the back. Can i use that for my room?" They looked at each other. "Well i dont see why not." "Yeah go ahead. As long as you dont sneak any boys in there, Fyra.!" "DAD!" He ruffled my hair and i ran to get my stuff. I didnt have that much stuff, but i still had trouble. I tripped over the curb and all my stuff fell. "Oh, gosh." I started picking up the stuff. Two boys came over, one with red hair and one with green. "Hey, Im Phineas, this is Ferb. You just move here?" I nodded. "Need help?" I nodded. They helped pick my stuff up and we took it to the shed. "Cool. You have the shed for your room." "Yeah." "Where you want everything?" "Anywheres fine." I took some stuff out but dropped them. I leaned down to pick it up. When i got up i saw that they were half finished. "Woah, you guys are fast." "Yup." They had it looking amazing and..... fun! "Wait, i need a part of my room where i can work on projects. Can you do that?" "Yeah. What kind of projects do you do?" I started hanging up pictures. "Oh, nothing interesting. I like making things. Im really into mechanics and wood work." "Oh. I see." "Yeah." After an hour we were finished. I tapped Ferb on the shoulder as they were headed out. "You dont talk much do you." He nodded. "Why?" He shrugged. "Well.... Ok. I need to get working on making this place more personalized. Night!" "Bye. Oh wait. We dont even know your name." "Oh, its Fyra, Fyra Miracle." "Cool name. Night." I waved to them and headed into the house. I saw that it was havoc. My parents arent that good at organizing. Mom kissed my forehead. "Hey honey, you almost finished." "Im done." "Really!" "Yeah. The kids next door helped me out." Dad looked up from making dinner. "Oh, good. You've made friends already!" "Yeah. Well im tired. Night" "What about dinner!" "Im not very hungry. Night." "Bu-" "Honey, let it go." "Alright. Good night dear." I left and headed into the shed. It was amazing. When i turned the lights off i saw that they put up some glow-in-the-dark stuff on my ceiling so it looked like outer space. "Man those guys out did themselves!" I smiled and fell asleep. In the morning i put on a black dress and headed out. Inside dad had breakfast ready. Mom was gone already. "Hey dad. You find a job yet?" "Yes. Its a cooking job. I need to be there in an hour. The girl next door is going to keep an eye on you. You dont have to leave the house though." "Cool." "Yeah." He put a peice of taost in his mouth and put on his jacket. "Bye honey!" "Wait dad?" "Yeah." "You forgot something." "What? I have my keys, jacket, phone." "What about pants?" He looked down at his yellow boxers. "Oh. Oops!" He ran upstairs and i went into the backyard. I scoped out a good place for a treehouse or fort. "Well its deffinately roomy. Oh hey cool, a tree. That would be good for a treehouse." I went back inside. I saw that dad was still there. "Dad, can i order some tools and supplies?" "Sure, sure. Goodbye." "Cool, thanks!" He left really fast an di went to find the phone. I was about to phone the home depot when i heard something in the back. I put the phone down and headed outside. I saw Phineas and Ferb working on something. I sat on top of the fence. "Hey guys." "Oh hey Fyra." "Whathca guys doin?" "We're making a carwash." "Cool. Hey Ferb. Nice hat. But i think it would look better backwards." I turned his hat around. "There." I saw a girl our age walkiing over. "Hey Phineas. Whos this?" "This is Fyra. Fyra, this is Isabella." "Hey." "Nice to meet you." "Yeah." "You guys need any help?" "Yeah that would be nice. What about you Fyra?" "No. I have something of my own im working on. You guys have any spare tools and wood?" "Yeah. Hey, Ferb. Can you help her find them?" Ferb nodded and we left. "So, Ferb...... Hows it going?" He opened his mouth to talk when a large pale boy with a small geeky looking boy came along. "Hey Ferb. Whos the new girl?" "Uhm. Im Fyra Miracle. And you are?" "Im Buford. This is Baljeet." "Hi. It is a pleasure to meet you." "Same." "What you guys doing?" "Oh, Ferb is showing me where the wood and tools are." "Can we come?" I looked at Ferb and he nodded. "Sure." "So, when'd you move here?" "Yesterday. My moms found a job here." "And your dad?" "He found one too." Ferb gestured to the pile of wood in the garage. "Can you guys help me? Im not that strong." "Sure." "Dont worry. Im not that strong either." I smiled at Baljeet and we carried the wood to my backyard. They were about to leave. "Wait." Ferb turned around. "What about tools?" He took a tool belt that was around his waist and gave it to me. I took it and hugged him. "Thanks." I stepped back and he was blushing. I laughed and waved goodbye. After i finished the tree house i took some beanie bags and a carpet there. After i was finished with that i headed over to Phineas and Ferbs yard. I saw one of the most amazingest carwashes ever! I saw Phinease, Ferb, Isabella and some other girls just outside it. "Hey guys. You just starting?" "Yeah. You wanna help?" "Sure. Can i work the machinery? Thats what im best at." "Sure. Ferb, can you show her the ropes?" Ferb nodded. I walked with him. "So, you into machines too?" He nodded. "Cool. So will i be working with you?" He nodded. "Cool." He sat down behind some switches. He patted beside him. "That space is kinda small. Guess you didnt plan on company, hey?" He nodded and i sat down beside him. The seat rose up and i held onto him. "Woah. Didnt expect that." He smiled. "Stop that! Its not funny." Then i heard music. "Ok, wheres that coming from?" Then they all started singing and dancing. "Ok, does this happen everyday?" He nodded. "O....k.... You guys have nice voices. Ever think about making a band?" He nodded. "Really? When?" He was about to say something when the place started raising up off the ground. "Oh my gosh! Whats happening!?!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me down a slide. I screamed and clung to him. When we got to the bottom i saw a giant star-nosed mole. "Whats with the huge mole?" They all shrugged and we watched it leave with the carwash on its head. "Well so much for saving the moles." Isabella looked all sad. Then i heard a new voice. One with an english accent. "Well, frankly, I didnt think they needed saving in the first place." I turned to Ferb. "You can talk!?!" "Yes." "Oh my gosh!"

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