In love with the enemy

this my new story i made cuz i always loved a good angel and demon story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Your in a beautiful garden that is in the shape of a maze that is in full bloom with roses of every color.and your in a pale pink knee length dress walking around in the garden slowly as if serching for somthing or somone.then you come to the middle of the maze garden where there is a beautiful foutain and sitting on the edge of the foutain is your friend,boyfriend and lover trey with that boyish grin on his face that you always thought made him look so cute and you run up to him smiling and he sweeps you up in his arms and holding you close as you wrap your arms around his neck as he twirls you around twice before placing you back on the ground and kisses your forehead and whispers," i love you so much my rose"(just so you know rose was trey'spet name for you) and you stare up into his soulful brown eyes smiling and say and i love you too trey kissing him sweetly upon the lips and then all the sudden his eyes become sad and you say what wrong trey worridly and he says that he has to go and you say please dont go my love stay here with me pulling him close to you and he gently touches your cheek as if trying to comfort you and says dont worry my rose i will be back i promise and turns and begins walking away and you run after him but the faster you seem to run after him the furthur he seems to get and then he dissapears and you notice that your in the park the night you and trey died and you see the woman who killed you and trey smiling cruelly standing over your trey's dead body.

Then your eyes snap open as you wake up suddenly looking around your room your heart beating like a drum. and it takes you a second but you realize that your back in your room in heaven and you touch your necklace with your engagement ring on the endthat trey gave you the night before you made the ulitimate scrafice trying to save him but you still lost in death and you became an angel and you swore that you would never love anyone else and never to return to earth cause it brings back those painful memories of your trey and you vowed to find that lady who killed you and trey and kill her.and you take a look at your alarm clock and realize that its 3am too early for anything so you take a quick shower and get dressed and tug on your knee high boots slipping a knife into each of them and belt your sword around your waist and grab your cloak and tie your long blondish white hair up and leave your room.

And you stop by the cafeteria and grab an apple for breakfast when you pass by the training center and you decide to go in thinking that you can burn some time by getting some sword practice in. and you go in and it completly empty except for your friend becca who real name is rebecca but everybody calls her becca. and she is practing on the wooden dummy when she sees you and her bright green eyes light up and rushes over to you her light brown hair matching her pale yellow dress.and says sasha whats up and you nuthin much just thought i get in some sword practice this morning and she good cause i'm a little tired of fighting that pratice dummy and you and her go to the sparing circle and both pull out your swords and face each other and then touch swords both of you leaping into the air as an unspoken ritual and then becca automatically goes on the attack flying at you barely giving you time to put your gaurd up and your as always once step ahead but still amazed at her speed as you step to the side at the last minute dodging smoothly and then she smiles and then you go on the attack but cautiously as always and sparks fly as your sword come together and you and her continue fighting till the sun is up and you and her are both tired and yall land and she says how bout we call it a draw this time and for once you agree realizing its time for you to go to the office to recieve your assignment for the day. and you say goodbye to becca and hurry toward the office and then take a minute to compose yourself before walking up to the window and a lady says sasha early as usual, i see and she hands you an piece of paper with your asignment on it.

And the you walk outside and sit down on a bench and examine the. assignment.and you see it a termination assingment which means you have to take a person out which is not unusal for because you have killed before.and it says that it a demon male which you know will make your job easier cause almost everybody knows demons and angel have always been enemies since the begining of time and then it gives you a location, and you gasp as you realize that it is in the one place you promised yourself you would never return to,earth, and you and you think well you were never going to be able to avoid earth forever and you go to your room and begin packing a bag and then finish packing straping your backpack to your back and and then leave your room and and recite the magic incantation that will transport you to your destanation and close your eyes as the bright light surrounds you and then open them once you feel your feet on the ground again and you check the adress and realize that your at the right place but it a huge stone castle with drawbridge and everything almost as if it was from a fairytale and you are amazed but realize that you have a job to do.

you open your mind trying to sense how many poeple are there and you sense only one person which you assume is your target and he located and in the room right above you and you open your wings and fly into his room landing sliently and glide over to your sleeping target and you think this is too easy pulling out your sword preparing to kill him when he turns over sleepily and you see his face and time seems to stop as you notice his beautiful yellow blond hair and young face for he looks no older than you are. and you think he a demon and all demons are bad so why am i heistating or could be that his face reminds you of your trey and you shake your head saying no it cant be your trey died long ago and this is a demon and your sworn enemy as an angel.then your thoughts are interupted as you realize he is waking up.

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